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Completely finishing…

Sometimes you get to be so busy that the passage of time goes unnoticed. Then, when you get to sit quietly, somewhere unusual perhaps (I still like to sit on the floor in a corner once in a while), you reflect on the water passed under the bridge.  In an attempt to reduce the list… Continue reading Completely finishing…

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COUK update.. a small world getting smaller

I haven’t chirped on much about the work that we raise funds for in India. This is for a number of reasons but at a time when it’s difficult to find positives in any ordinary day I do draw some comfort from knowing that somewhere, where children are not so fortunate as their western counterparts,… Continue reading COUK update.. a small world getting smaller

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Instant karma’s gonna get you…

We’ve arrived at Friday afternoon and I’ve been thinking what to post about for days. It could be cat related and that would be a winner. Yes, we have a cat who could rival the cuteness and loyalty of that one in the movie. (I’ve been out all day and he’s come to sit beside… Continue reading Instant karma’s gonna get you…

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What’s happening with the Monkey?

What's been happening with the Monkey? After finally shaking off the after effects of a very nasty bug I’m feeling pretty positive at last. The mojo seemed to have been missing for a while and even Mrs. Monkey commented that here we are racing towards Spring and where did the last 10 weeks go?! We… Continue reading What’s happening with the Monkey?

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Spain Coast to Coast – Epilogue

     It's a chilly and uneventful ride from Comillas to Santander, except that Santander is very busy, which I expected, it being port town. And so it is all over, and it feels slightly odd. I have a mixture of emotions. I have been so focused on this project since the middle of January, with… Continue reading Spain Coast to Coast – Epilogue

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Introducing CO-UK, or COUK, at long last….

It is a long time ago now since we started the process of trying to form our own charitable organisation in the UK. Since the germ of an idea settled in our minds, almost 12 months have passed, and I didn't think at all that it would take so long. Anyway, we are delighted to… Continue reading Introducing CO-UK, or COUK, at long last….

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The reward for endless cake.

I spent yesterday fundraising. Standing behind a stall in the foyer of where I work trying to coach my share of my colleagues' spare cash from their pockets in favour of one of my new favourite causes. To my left, behind his stall, was a man who had survived spinal surgery and was raising funds… Continue reading The reward for endless cake.

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Another one of the world’s great buildings ….

We had arrived in Jodhpur sweaty and tired. A day’s refreshing and wandering some of the blue houses the previous evening had whetted our appetite for what was to prove an unforgettable day when the dawn broke. Little did we know that Mehrangarh Fort was not just another fort – not just another historical site,… Continue reading Another one of the world’s great buildings ….

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Rajasthan Tales – Pushkar and The Brahma Priest Scam

We have been fortunate during the last 10 years or so to travel widely, and whenever we do, we respect the culture and customs of our hosts.  We travel with our eyes open, prepared to experience new things and to not close down opportunities for learning if we can help it. If  our hosts drink… Continue reading Rajasthan Tales – Pushkar and The Brahma Priest Scam

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Rajasthan Tales; – back to the country

I gesture with my open palm, sweeping head to toe, and tell the lady that she looks beautiful. She is the local village coordinator for the NGO that has set up a playgroup school nearby. “What? Under this?” she replies, indicating the thatch covering that keeps the sun from the family cooking space. My compliment… Continue reading Rajasthan Tales; – back to the country