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Unashamed family friendly post.

The past week or so has been incredibly busy for us. I don't volunteer for much around here, Mrs.Monkey does that, so I keep my diary free because her volunteering usually involves my labour. So, even though I'm not particularly a church goer, I've erected Nativity tents and taken them down, helped arrange flowers at… Continue reading Unashamed family friendly post.

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Dancing tips for Dads

‘Tis the season to be jelly and fathers everywhere will be taking to the party dance floor whilst their offspring head for cover and deny any relationship. Some will turn and cringe. Others will decide that it’s time for that crafty cigarette they’ve been longing for. Others will accept that Dad likes to dance just… Continue reading Dancing tips for Dads

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World Music Adventures #5: Why this Kolaveri di

One of my blogging buddies in India, Rajiv, posted this recently to his site. I just love it for what it is  - a great sing along song - and in Tamil and English. How cool is that? This will get you noticed. The meaning of the song is from   and is ... for… Continue reading World Music Adventures #5: Why this Kolaveri di

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Some thoughts on the sudden passing of Gary Speed

On Sunday we were travelling back from spending the weekend with friends when we took a pit-stop at a service station. A few people stared at the news screen hanging from the ceiling. I, like many others, was shocked to hear of Gary Speed’s death. It was almost unthinkable. Unbelievable. Everybody loved Gary Speed regardless… Continue reading Some thoughts on the sudden passing of Gary Speed

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At last….Danielle’s Guitar is done

I have been somewhat occupied of late, focusing on the long delayed completion of a guitar I started building a couple of years ago. Two full-time jobs and two house moves have, since beginning the project, slowed progress but, Danielle, the soon to be new owner of the guitar, has shown admirable patience and not cancelled the… Continue reading At last….Danielle’s Guitar is done

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The land of spaghetti westerns

So, as promised, some pictures of the holiday in "Spaghetti western" land. These are not particularly artistic but give you a flavour of the countryside around Almeria. In 1964 this area was used as the setting for "A Fistful of Dollars" and for several more spaghetti westerns after that. There is even a cine-tour of… Continue reading The land of spaghetti westerns

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World Music Adventures No. 4 – Alejandro Escovedo

I’ve always been a fisherman of new music and have often used the Internet Archive as my random source. It’s always been just a case of “dip your hand in the barrel” and pull out......used chewing gum, an empty wrapper, something tasty but don’t want it twice..........or a peach. A couple of years ago I dipped… Continue reading World Music Adventures No. 4 – Alejandro Escovedo