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Day 10 Zaragoza rest day

Sunday morning lie in. I had selected two treats for the day and intended to keep it to that. Too much walking around Alicante had made recovery and then riding a bit of a challenge so I’m trying to be sensible with what I can see in a day. First stop was the Aljafería, a… Continue reading Day 10 Zaragoza rest day

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Didn’t Sir Mick do well………

Many of the readers to my blog are creative people of one sort or another. People who have something to say, play or design and are finding the wherewithal to make their own statement with it. The chances are, though, that it’s not their creative output that is feeding them and that the bread on… Continue reading Didn’t Sir Mick do well………

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Sticking my fingers in the Blancmange

I’ve been in a strange headspace lately. I know that I’m just about to come up with something that will go viral -  or straight to the top of the digital charts – or get me a billion hits on youtube – or change everyone’s view of something specific forever. Okay, well maybe not. But… Continue reading Sticking my fingers in the Blancmange

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Sun, sangria and a dash of paint……..

So, good morning blog fans, back after a week or so in the lovely sunshine of southern Spain where the Monkey’s keeper and I have been painting the landscapes around us with Paint Andalucía. Suffice to say we had a great time and more stories will come out as the week(s) go by. Fi and… Continue reading Sun, sangria and a dash of paint……..

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The Creative Muscle

Some years ago someone told me that being creative is a bit like being an athlete. Your creative brain is a muscle that requires training just like any other. Many of us have, or have had, full time jobs that develop the more pragmatic side of our instincts rather than the creative side and thus,… Continue reading The Creative Muscle