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The Flower Business

In 2018 Mrs.Monkey and I set up our wedding and event flowers business. Energised by Mrs. Monkey’s desire to exit the corporate world and founded upon her competitive flower arranging experience, family “Do”s and her passion for flowers we launched ourselves into an unknown world. The division of labour was, and still is, strictly along… Continue reading The Flower Business

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“A Cow for Now” project – B.Kothakota

(The "Official" Post - with more details.) In 2008 Mrs.Monkey found herself with a lot of time on her hands courtesy of a redundancy package. To that point, having done school, uni, jobs and career, she hadn’t done the “gap year” thing. So what better time to take a gap year but in your 30s?… Continue reading “A Cow for Now” project – B.Kothakota

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Need some exercise?

There is a country where the Government has become so transparently corrupt that even the Law Courts are ruling against them. Explanations are being required for payments made to friends who had no experience in the field in question. They have also given themselves sweeping powers to pass laws without debate or the usual channels… Continue reading Need some exercise?

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How it came to this.

How did it come to this? A week is a long time in politics, apparently. Imagine the impact of 10 years. After 13 years of a Labour Government, dear international reader, The Conservative Party took power in the coalition of 2010 and have been in power ever since. But the Tories have always spoken with… Continue reading How it came to this.

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Searching for the elements of beauty Three days after Christmas and the Monkeys have become hibernating mice. Mrs Monkey is curled up in bed reading. I am curled up on the sofa underneath a faux fur rug and a cat, reading. It is late morning and no-one feels like moving. Coffees have been made and drunk and we’re waiting for… Continue reading Searching for the elements of beauty

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The Main Event

Football comes back and there’s bound to be lots of grumbling about it taking over TV diverting airtime from the daily re-runs of old crap. I have already seen an ongoing rant about football contributing less to the economy than the Arts but getting more coverage. It seems to me that people who don’t like… Continue reading The Main Event