I wrote this for my son about 10 years ago. Crocus 1 I threw you high and laughed at your delight, and higher still, till fear, sleek in it’s disguise, stole time in handfuls and we stopped. Or I did. Heading for home our Spitfires, all pencil ‘tash and lady killers, flew raids into head-on … More Crocus

Donne and dusted.

As part of London 2012 Festival, the cultural side of having lots of people run around a track as fast as they can, renowned theatre director Deborah Warner has been commissioned to create an installation encircling the coast of Britain. There will be a series of tented encampments set at some of our most beautiful … More Donne and dusted.


Just thought I would have a go at the 100 Word Challenge that is really 50 this time. Here’s my effort – the prompt being “the autumn leaves“   “Dig?” Harry tweaked a tuning peg to ease his irritation. Flute looked across and grinned. She knew he hated that. Harry smirked and raised his eyebrows. … More “Dig?”

Copper River

 I’ve been thinking recently about the differences between poetry and song lyrics and posing the question when one works and where another won’t. Anyway, I’ll cogitate and spew forth on that later but for now I thought I would post up the lyrics for a song I have just finished. My songwriting is a steady process. I’m … More Copper River