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Some sort of character…

My standard Saturday afternoon these days is one of nervous tension as I monitor the live update scores, or lack of, of my favourite football team. Whatever I’m doing I have to check a screen on a regular basis between 3 and 5 pm. However, last Saturday was a break from routine. Mrs. Monkey and… Continue reading Some sort of character…

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Political with a small ‘p’

I’ve recently been trying to maintain a habit of writing every day. Whether it be free writing, poetry, my journal (though I don’t keep that every day ) my travel book - yep, I’m working on one of those too, and less often at the moment, this blog. With the writing comes lots of reading… Continue reading Political with a small ‘p’

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Donne and dusted.

As part of London 2012 Festival, the cultural side of having lots of people run around a track as fast as they can, renowned theatre director Deborah Warner has been commissioned to create an installation encircling the coast of Britain. There will be a series of tented encampments set at some of our most beautiful… Continue reading Donne and dusted.

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What did you get from your father?

My father is not a vocal man, as a rule, except that he can still be fired up by the excesses of politicians or, on occasion, the injustices shown to fair minded men. Indeed, when I recall any in-depth conversation we might have had over the years then these are the topics which crop up… Continue reading What did you get from your father?

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Parquel gets a hit…………

...........Parquel flicked over his daytaday data flicker. “01.01.3011” he said to himself. "Another New Year. Here we go again. Hop on for the riiide.” He pulled on his new OverJer , the one with the diamonds on that golfers wore apparently some 100 years ago. Or was it 150?  He was never quite sure. He… Continue reading Parquel gets a hit…………