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Aargh, leave me alone !!

I’ve never considered that I might have an addictive nature. I don’t do drugs. I drink in moderation and even my sweet tooth can be tamed. But the hardest Jones I am finding to kick, since the damn thing was developed, is the need to check 24 hour news. I’m a current affairs junky and… Continue reading Aargh, leave me alone !!

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Political with a small ‘p’

I’ve recently been trying to maintain a habit of writing every day. Whether it be free writing, poetry, my journal (though I don’t keep that every day ) my travel book - yep, I’m working on one of those too, and less often at the moment, this blog. With the writing comes lots of reading… Continue reading Political with a small ‘p’

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The absorbing amalgam of Ana A

It's not possible to like all types of music. Personally, rap is misspelt and I'm not particularly a fan of folk music - fingers in ears and black dogs and stuff. But, to blanket ban some of these forms in ones listening is to narrow down your options of coming across a derivative that may… Continue reading The absorbing amalgam of Ana A

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Cracking on …………

I haven’t been blogging much in recent months. My cup runneth over such is the state of things. It’s as though a strange realisation came over me upon turning the magic 60 three and a bit months ago. I reflected on lots of things, happenstances and circumstances and almost felt an enlightenment. If you can… Continue reading Cracking on …………

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Coke Studio Season 6 …. down from the fence ….

So, Coke Studio Season 6 is well into the second half of the run and I have deliberated for some time on my reaction to the new style. My mother used to say, “If you can’t say anything good don’t say anything at all.” Yorkshire Poet Ian McMillan lives by the same maxim. Creative people… Continue reading Coke Studio Season 6 …. down from the fence ….

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Better to burn out than to fade away ?

It is undoubtedly sad when a famous musician, a person who has amassed a following, someone with a respected body of work, passes on to that great stage in the sky. I wonder, though, how many of the Converted ruminate on what their hero/heroine would have gone on to create. Would it have been better,… Continue reading Better to burn out than to fade away ?

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It’s 1976 all over again …….

New years are a natural time of transition and, one hopes, times for optimism. Whatever has happened before is gone and now is the time to take up the cudgel and charge on to whatever is to come. I remember 1976 fondly. For some reason I had decided that I would take my life and… Continue reading It’s 1976 all over again …….

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Introducing….. Cap Fenn ………….

I've been blogging for a while now. The Archive list will soon need editing. This space, the home of the SingleMaltMonkey, has become something of a potpourri. A place for rants and raves, political comment, a little humour once in a while, and a launch pad for a few creative ideas and finished projects. And,… Continue reading Introducing….. Cap Fenn ………….

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Developing old ideas – new artwork

We recently turned our dining room into a temporary art studio so that we could flex our muscles before embarking on another Spanish arty trip with our friends. Pushing all the furniture back and spreading paint tubes like heavy confetti is rather liberating. It gives our house a "working" feel. One with a few rough… Continue reading Developing old ideas – new artwork

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Sticking my fingers in the Blancmange

I’ve been in a strange headspace lately. I know that I’m just about to come up with something that will go viral -  or straight to the top of the digital charts – or get me a billion hits on youtube – or change everyone’s view of something specific forever. Okay, well maybe not. But… Continue reading Sticking my fingers in the Blancmange