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It’s 1976 all over again …….

New years are a natural time of transition and, one hopes, times for optimism. Whatever has happened before is gone and now is the time to take up the cudgel and charge on to whatever is to come.

I remember 1976 fondly. For some reason I had decided that I would take my life and the world by the scruff of the neck and it was going to be my year. I would refuse to be pushed around by bureaucracy – I would face any difficult situations or decisions head on – New Year’s Eve 1975 I decided that I was going to ROCK in ’76.

... you know you love'em ...
… you know you love’em …

And I did. It was tough at times as I stuck to my guns but I remember having one of the most successful year’s of my life so far.

2012 was generally a good one for me. I found lots of great new music – I went  to more gigs than I had in many years – I worked hard on the house and garden – I started painting in a new way that I couldn’t quite fathom – I wrote new poetry and music that I was happy with – I worked hard on my playing and singing – I got fitter and lost weight (though the festive season has taken its toll ! ).

2013 here I come. What am I looking forward to ? More of the above and taking my creativity to a new level. Wouldn’t that be grand? I already have tickets to see the wonderful Dhafer Youssef in concert – something I have wanted to do for years. I plan to enter more duathlons and ride in more organised long distance cycle rides. And if the Lord keeps me breathing and functioning I shall turn 60 by the end of the year.

And I have set myself an earnings target, which is a bit of challenge because I don’t have a job, and the age thing is stacking against me in the job stakes. Their loss, huh ?


So here we go 2013. Watch out. If I get my way I shall kick your ass. I was born in ’53 – I’m a snake –  a grinning, slithery, “trusht in mee”snake. I am “attractive and graceful, exciting and dark” . I am a Water Snake. Influential and insightful, motivated and intellectual, determined and resolute, affectionate yet cunning. Coming at ya…………..

Er, excuse me while I go for a lie down ……………..

12 thoughts on “It’s 1976 all over again …….”

  1. 1976 had a lovely warm summer that went on forever (where did they go?) I was 18 and had two brilliant holidays – one by the side of Lake Windemere and one on the beaches of Cornwall (magical) Optimism was in the veins. Bowie was releasing his best work as was Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, Punk, in its revolutionary fury, was a year away. That said – I wouldn’t go back and am comfortable in middle age. Teaching, from the sidelines and with restraint, our offspring. Each new year brings a challenge and each year we learn new things. It was ever thus.

    1. Yes, you are right, John. In ’76 I remember the long hot summer. I was at college finishing my second year in Art rubbing baby oil into the suntanned bikini’d bodies of fellow artists who lounged in the rose garden. I was reading “Canterbury Tales” and listening to hip stuff, man.
      We reflect with a dreaminess, perhaps, but it was so different then. Now it’s about reflecting on the lessons I learned (pun intended) and applying them today. Hope you have a great year, mate. Go for it. Looking forward to hearing more new Jameson material.

  2. I had some highs and lows in 2012 but I noticed at the stroke of midnight 2013, I was still standing.. I wish for you all you aspire in 2013 and a few good surprises tossed in because well, just because I think you deserve them.
    Happy All Year to you!!

      1. I’m so excited about my move.. I just feel it in my gut it’s where I am meant to live 🙂

  3. I turned 4 in ’76 and my mother decided to practise the new-fangled montessori way of educating on me, all flash cards an’ stuff 🙂 Nice to think you were rockin’ that year! (why’m I talkin’ in a Southern drawl?)
    A very happy 2013 to you, snakey ol’ thing 🙂 Hope it’s full of all the good stuff.

  4. I was in Sahara and missed all the fun so it’s good to read your take on it . . . my year was 1981 which pretty much began with a riot outside my front door . . . such a charge!

  5. . . . yup, and what a great year even though we failed to capitalise on the confusion.

    We’re paying for it now with a vengence . . .

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