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Auspicious Number 9s Part One

2019, the significant anniversary year of so much. Auspicious things happened in years ending in 9. For instance, we will commemorate the great Depression of 1929 with our own depression after the end of March. All hell broke loose in 1939. “1984” was published in 1949. 1969 - wow, what a year. Led Zeppelin, Woodstock… Continue reading Auspicious Number 9s Part One

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Better to burn out than to fade away ?

It is undoubtedly sad when a famous musician, a person who has amassed a following, someone with a respected body of work, passes on to that great stage in the sky. I wonder, though, how many of the Converted ruminate on what their hero/heroine would have gone on to create. Would it have been better,… Continue reading Better to burn out than to fade away ?

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Hot, damn hot……………Jerry Week part 4

Most English summers are unremarkable. The sun shines more often than the winter time, temperatures don't rise much above the low 20's as a general rule, but rain is never far away. Thus, the favourite pastime during an English summer is to complain about the summer weather, one way or another. However, every once in… Continue reading Hot, damn hot……………Jerry Week part 4

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“It appears to be style without content….” Jerry Week part 3

Oh, the things we say and then .........feel silly about. My potted Deadism for the week in honour of the Great JG continues with this wonderful  tv clip  from 1967. Youth and exuberance abound, perhaps for the cameras in part, but it was the beginning, and the bus was coming by. Who would know where it would take us… Continue reading “It appears to be style without content….” Jerry Week part 3

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….just gotta poke aroun’………..Jerry Week part 2

On the 28th March 1981 I had been out late for a few drinkies and, arriving home late to find the house in silence, the munchies had set in. I turned on the grill, and then the tv. In those days BBC 2 was still quite cutting edge. You would find excellent culture programmes on this… Continue reading ….just gotta poke aroun’………..Jerry Week part 2

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It’s Jerry Week !!

Those of you who know me well know that when it comes to identifying my musical heritage all tributaries can be sourced back to............The Grateful Dead. From this one magical group all musical interest sprung. My love of jazz, free form jamming, groove, rock, country, old American traditional music, bluegrass........everything, and on a personal level,… Continue reading It’s Jerry Week !!