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Auspicious Number 9s Part One

2019, the significant anniversary year of so much. Auspicious things happened in years ending in 9. For instance, we will commemorate the great Depression of 1929 with our own depression after the end of March. All hell broke loose in 1939. “1984” was published in 1949. 1969 - wow, what a year. Led Zeppelin, Woodstock… Continue reading Auspicious Number 9s Part One

Life's little lessons, The Cork Board

It sits there, in my mind, smirking….

Once in a while as we blissfully glide through our freeform lives we experience moments that are at once so enriching and moving that they form a part of our make-up. They become a part of who we are since this enrichment sits there, quietly smirking, in the back our minds.  “Gotcha there, didn’t I,”… Continue reading It sits there, in my mind, smirking….