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How it came to this.

How did it come to this? A week is a long time in politics, apparently. Imagine the impact of 10 years. After 13 years of a Labour Government, dear international reader, The Conservative Party took power in the coalition of 2010 and have been in power ever since. But the Tories have always spoken with… Continue reading How it came to this.

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Searching for the elements of beauty Three days after Christmas and the Monkeys have become hibernating mice. Mrs Monkey is curled up in bed reading. I am curled up on the sofa underneath a faux fur rug and a cat, reading. It is late morning and no-one feels like moving. Coffees have been made and drunk and we’re waiting for… Continue reading Searching for the elements of beauty

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Missive from Albion

The busiest of summers has kept me from my blog duties and much has happened. We find ourselves facing another General Election since the clown that was appointed PM in the summer is failing to win anything vote-wise due to the fact that nobody trusts him.  It didn’t take long for the lying to start.… Continue reading Missive from Albion

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A Cabal of the Talentless

I count myself very lucky to have lived in a varied and open society for the last forty years. It was something I took for granted and honestly believed that this was the only way for the future. But there are talks of walls going up all over the place - real ones with bricks… Continue reading A Cabal of the Talentless

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Helicopters on the roof.

Deal or no deal, if the fanatical Leavers get their way, and it looks as though they will, the UK will exit the EU soon enough. The impact will be far reaching for a generation, not just in trade, the current favourite topic, but across our society, in actuality and perception. Consider - do you… Continue reading Helicopters on the roof.

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Instant karma’s gonna get you…

We’ve arrived at Friday afternoon and I’ve been thinking what to post about for days. It could be cat related and that would be a winner. Yes, we have a cat who could rival the cuteness and loyalty of that one in the movie. (I’ve been out all day and he’s come to sit beside… Continue reading Instant karma’s gonna get you…

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Mother Hen and the Splinter Turkeys

Mother Hen had been in charge of the poultry farm for many years. She’d worked hard to be Top Clucker, as she was known. She had once been penned in, on a closed farm that few people could see inside, until one day someone managed to knock a piece of wall down and Mother Hen… Continue reading Mother Hen and the Splinter Turkeys