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Missive from Albion

The busiest of summers has kept me from my blog duties and much has happened. We find ourselves facing another General Election since the clown that was appointed PM in the summer is failing to win anything vote-wise due to the fact that nobody trusts him. 


It didn’t take long for the lying to start. Remarkably, it didn’t take long for him to be caught out either. I don’t actually believe that he can open his mouth without lying. Honest, I don’t.                                                                                                                                         



Did he lie to the Queen about prorogation? Not that I care about either, frankly, but OF COURSE – Not.




And as soon as he was ensconced in No.10 he appointed a complete anarchist as his key advisor. Remember when anarchists were expected to riot and wreck the streets to challenge the system? These days they are smarter. Dominic Cummings hates the environment in which he is working and is determined to bring it down. Who cares who gets hurt? This is not to exclude the Labour Party version, Seamus Milne, whose preferred method of operation seems to be chaos.


But back to The Johnson, who, with the withholding of the report on Russian influence in British elections has signalled that the UK has now gone Full-Trump. Plus, any investigation regarding skullduggery concerning Jennifer Arcurri and “favoured deals” whilst he was London Mayor is put on hold. Conservatives are sending out doctored videos of their political opponents, without apology, and to the shock of those who should know better. 

The main broadcasters are holding head-to-head debates specifically excluding the main smaller parties, which, significantly, represent a vast Remain voting constituency. 

Today, the Beeb have shown a video of The Johnson laying a wreath at the Cenotaph from 2016 when he looked smarter than his appearance yesterday, when he was, frankly, scruffy.

Tell me, do you think that the British people are being played? We have reached a point in just 6 months where the political parties are telling lies, the PM is withholding information germane to the current situation, the broadcasters are censoring debate, and that bastion of free speech, the Beeb, is manufacturing news. 

The Brexit referendum result was founded on lies and illegality and the Leave side got away with it. From that point on we were f*&^ed. Here we are – unable to believe anything we hear or see with the political future of the country at stake.

If our broken system puts The Johnson back in office, a wrecking ball will be taken to everything we have come to believe is sacred. God, if she exists, help us.


In other news, C and P have had a fantastic first season and we are already planning and looking forward to 2020. We need a van.

Wolverhampton Wanderers continue to brighten my weekends. For so many years I played Russian roulette with match days as all sports fans do. Will they win – won’t they? These days I just love watching them play. So chuffed. 

And it’s my birthday next week. With any luck I’ll have made it through another year. Phew.

For now, enjoy…

5 thoughts on “Missive from Albion”

  1. Yes I fear politicians are getting worse everywhere, sadly I think there spin doctors tell them lying is okay because everyone has a short attention span, and won’t be able to recall who said what at a later date.

    Happy Birthday for next week🎂🎉🍷
    Will you get a trip to Brisbane as a pressie, we would love to show you both around.👻

    Have been assisted by others to have Widex’s fitted to my ears and yes like yours, they have a mind of their own, connecting to phones etc,
    like computers use to be… scratch that, still are!!!

    A retired bloke needs staff so he can go away on holidays more often

    Meanwhile look forward to your future blogs

    1. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with point No.1. We’re getting coverage here that the Aussie Parliament has it’s own climate change deniers.
      I hope the Widexs are not a reference to the size of your ears. I don’t remember them being that big. 😀
      And as for staff, we’ve decided that we don’t need staff – just a bigger van.
      And finally, might I recommend some light reading for the beach this summer. “Crossing Spain..wandering in the land of the bull” is full of anecdotes and tips to bring Spain alive….I’ve sold 54 now 😂. Take care, all the best from us.

  2. Happy Birthday for next week
    Will you get a set of airline tickets to Brisbane, we would love to show you both around here?
    Think lots of wine, beer and champagne 🥂🥂🥂… and of course Birthday cake 🎂

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