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Helicopters on the roof.

Deal or no deal, if the fanatical Leavers get their way, and it looks as though they will, the UK will exit the EU soon enough. The impact will be far reaching for a generation, not just in trade, the current favourite topic, but across our society, in actuality and perception.

Consider – do you think that pan-European CEOs will find ways to accommodate a removal of their “just in time” supply chain? Would ceasing “just in time” be a step forward or a step backwards? Are the words of the Airbus and BMW chiefs just hot air? Those who say that business should be ignored (Johnson, Gove, Hunt) won’t feel the consequences of ignoring it, so that’s okay then.

James Dyson No Deal Brexit

The finance sector has largely kept an eye on matters with the cardboard boxes ready for a flash move if they have to. And if they do scarper, they won’t be back, taking with them our biggest revenue generator.

So as job losses increase and tax revenues decrease, remember Corporation Tax has already been cut for starters, and the deals done with Internet giants are laughable, we wave a teary goodbye to the NHS as we know it. Finally broken up into privatised little parcels with all the potential for a fragmented service that that brings, lacking staff (as sensible Europeans don’t stay where they are not wanted), and focused on profit.


The impact of these changes will not be felt by those who are currently arguing for an EU escape. The desolation will be felt north and west of London. And that is what is at the heart of this. Wealth and power taking control of power and wealth. Jacob Rees-Smug’s investment company has moved to Dublin. Just in case. Cameron’s money is held offshore, as we know. So that’s alright then. Nigel Lawson, that reliable mouth piece of all things anti-Europe, is applying for French citizenship. Don’t think for one minute that the multi-millionaires around the Cabinet table haven’t worked out their escape route. It will soon be “Helicopters on the roof” time.


The UK and it’s Government look foolish, inept and most jarringly, give the impression that they cannot be trusted. I have no doubt that the EU negotiators have all the angles covered. If you are negotiating that is your job. They have the livelihoods of 500 million people to think of. Unlike our workforce, who seem to be just pawns in a power game of the Elites.

The Labour Party are no better, dreaming of cloth caps and mucky faces wiped clean with Mother’s spit soaked hanky. Poverty is no longer measured by the price of bread but which mobile phone you can afford, made of course, somewhere across the other side of the world. Wake up !

Globalisation, the new dirty word, has many faces, and they are not all evil. Ordinary people now have more opportunity than ever to share, work and live together. To bond with like-minded fellows and fellowesses. To collaborate, to love and to dream. Therefore, comrade, separating the UK from its friends and neighbours is to deny us the opportunity of comradeship. See, I tried to put it into language a Labour Brexiteer can understand. This is the greater loss here.

The duping of a country into thinking that it will be better off breaking with its fellows whilst peddling the lie that we have/had no control will prove to be a worthy study topic for political historians. How did they do it ?  The Governments own White Paper on Brexit published in February 2017 ,Clause 2.1, states “In the 40 years of our membership of the EU the sovereignty of Parliament has never been in question”. That is old news now. Sad then that the lie keeps getting trotted out selling the ‘take back control’ tripe. We never lost it.

I place my faith in the young people who will see this folly for what it is and instead of shrinking our community look to rejoin and contribute to a greater one.

Somewhere in the Golden City, the Maybot draws to a close another meeting of Cabinets Sycophantis. They look weary and forlorn. It was never intended to end this way. Above them, in a blue sky where thinking once took place, they hear the distant swoosh-swoosh of  approaching chopper blades? 


The memes on this page were created by other people. Thank you for at least keeping Brexit entertaining.

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