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A feast of World treats for the end of the year

Time for reflection as we sit down between buffets. 2018 was a momentous year in several respects, but more on that in later posts. Here, I delve into my “world culture” explorations to, hopefully, give you some inspiration as an alternative to the Happy Holidays fodder. First up - the Movies I haven’t watched many… Continue reading A feast of World treats for the end of the year

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Dear Diary, better to burn out…

Dear Diary, I have been wondering lately what role you might play in bringing things back to normal. Seems to me right now that after the craziest three months this summer replenishing my energy levels is proving elusive. I know they will come back. I’m hoping for sooner rather than later.  Mrs. Monkey quit her… Continue reading Dear Diary, better to burn out…

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Helicopters on the roof.

Deal or no deal, if the fanatical Leavers get their way, and it looks as though they will, the UK will exit the EU soon enough. The impact will be far reaching for a generation, not just in trade, the current favourite topic, but across our society, in actuality and perception. Consider - do you… Continue reading Helicopters on the roof.

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Days 17 and 18 – Bilbao – Laredo – Santander

Bilbao had been a blast. I must admit, though, I was surprised by the obvious presence of the  regional Euskadi language. All signs were in Spanish and Euskadi with English included sometimes. On occasion, Euskadi took preference. I’m aware of the campaign to save Euskadi as a language and if nothing else, certainly the campaign… Continue reading Days 17 and 18 – Bilbao – Laredo – Santander

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Days 15/16 Logroño to Vitoria-Gasteiz to Bilbao

There are essentially two routes to Vitoria G from Logroño. The city is due north and after Laguardia, ringed by bodegas and vineyards, you can go around the Herrera peak, 55 miles, or over it, 45 miles. I had decided to go over it! As I dug into a constant 14% gradient I seriously did… Continue reading Days 15/16 Logroño to Vitoria-Gasteiz to Bilbao

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Day 13/14 Logroño rest days

Logroño is a city that styles itself as the capital of the rioja region. As an outlet for all the various styles and wares of the bodegas around these parts there can be no challenger. There are hundreds of variations, and, supporting my long held belief that the European countries don’t export their best wine… Continue reading Day 13/14 Logroño rest days

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Days 11 / 12 Zaragoza to Tudela to Logroño

I had an interesting encounter in Tudela. On arriving into the outskirts I decided to cut short my two night stay here and press on to Logroño the following day. Time to check-in was 4.00pm so I hung around having made good time. At 4.05 I walked into Reception to find no-one but a young… Continue reading Days 11 / 12 Zaragoza to Tudela to Logroño

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Day 10 Zaragoza rest day

Sunday morning lie in. I had selected two treats for the day and intended to keep it to that. Too much walking around Alicante had made recovery and then riding a bit of a challenge so I’m trying to be sensible with what I can see in a day. First stop was the Aljafería, a… Continue reading Day 10 Zaragoza rest day