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5G makes my hair grow …

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Already, the results of various strategies are coming in. As we sit and watch the death toll rise we can’t help but wonder “what if..”. Some countries clearly had a better plan while Johnson had left the bridge and gone below decks, so to speak, believing that a cryptonite shield with “Get Brexit Done” written across it would save us all. Ironic then that he should become so seriously ill. The shield leaning limply against his bedroom wall, useless.

The conspiracy theories feature highly. 5G masts are being burned having a detrimental effect on ALL communication. Doh! Fake information is turning into an armchair spectator sport.

Things will change after this experience, and some things will return to normal. Maybe a fairer politics will be a prize, where the inequality laid bare by this experience will be addressed. No zero hours contracts … a properly funded Health Service … less racism … is it coincidental that the more extreme of our politicians ( I’m talking UK here) have been absent from our screens? But wait, Priti Patel lopes into view…

I don’t see us wearing face masks forever or sitting 2 metres apart in restaurants and bars. Cinemas, concert halls and sports grounds will fill again. Human beings are essentially gregarious animals. We’re meant to share experiences, love and interact. That’s what is making lockdown so hard for many of us. I can’t be the only one who watches a TV programme where people are mingling and suddenly feel a pang of loss for the old days. But I do hope that this hard shock to the system will urge us to retain the positive lessons we’re learning.

Here at Monkey Towers there is some frustration at not being able to work on all the wonderful weddings we had booked. Some work is taking place but it’s not generating income much. We will survive. Although we have nothing now till July much of what was booked has moved or is now next year – still with us. But now that we are in this situation I am aware of those entrepreneurs who will fall through the holes in the Government’s business safety net ie. those who started up last year and are still to file accounts. For those, as far as I can see, there is nothing. That will include us, who opted to file 15 month accounts for our first year. But as The Good ‘ol Grateful Dead said, “ we will get by”.

Good news section:

One benefit of lockdown is the opportunity to work on creative projects that have lain dormant and I was chuffed to be a winner in the Fish Publishing 2020 Flash Fiction Competition. My first “accolade” in a very long while.

… and then news from our Indian friends who are in lockdown. Chaithanya in B. Kothakota have distributed vegetable parcels to the poor and needy to help them get by. 

5 thoughts on “5G makes my hair grow …”

  1. Slow in responding on this post, as my different devices
    (naughty to have so many)
    struggle with the WP login system (think old cover down under, struggling to remember his 200+ passwords)
    So now I have found it,
    I must say always good to hear your words of wisdom and know you are both going to survive.
    This is important to us as we hope to venture north to see you both,
    or hope you might come down to see us

    1. Thanks, Mal. We have passwords kept safely in a password protected file. Now that causes a problem! Adventures are somewhat curtailed are’nt they. But I intend to spring free like a wild stallion pony kicking and flurffing like a wild thing – one day.

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