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Weekly Photo Challenge:Solitary

I was wandering the streets early one Havana morning when I saw this old man shuffling forward with his bag. I watched him until he found a doorstep to settle. He was selling newspapers. No-one paid him any attention - not even to buy a paper. He was clearly alone. I took his picture and… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge:Solitary

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A dark night in Havana……

Back in Havana we checked into the Hotel Nacional, the pre-Revolution rendezvous for mobsters and movie stars meeting to share the spoils of Batista’s playground. The hotel throng was swelled by a film crew so we opted for “eating out” . The Concierge was a busy, patient man. We asked for restaurant recommendations and he… Continue reading A dark night in Havana……

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How about Havana, “Hutch” ?………..

..............or "Hello Mr.Soul, I dropped by to pick up a reason." Rene Ruiz and his trio with a female vocalist: "Chan Chan" - (click and scroll)  🙂 The arrival of the New Year has occasioned us to sift through some old photographs for inclusion on our new super-whizzo digital photo frame. There are some chestnuts amongst… Continue reading How about Havana, “Hutch” ?………..

Photography, The Cork Board

Shoot, shoot, shoot………….edit like Hell.

Apparently there is a "pretty gene" within the gene pool of the people of Kerala which makes the men handsome and the women beautiful. I don't know whether this is true or not. This beautiful lady runs a shop in a beach side town in Kerala. I asked if she minded if I took her picture… Continue reading Shoot, shoot, shoot………….edit like Hell.