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Shoot, shoot, shoot………….edit like Hell.

Apparently there is a “pretty gene” within the gene pool of the people of Kerala which makes the men handsome and the women beautiful. I don’t know whether this is true or not. This beautiful lady runs a shop in a beach side town in Kerala. I asked if she minded if I took her picture and she was so pleased she said “Oh, I’ll let my hair down for you,” (it was tied in a high knot) and she released a mane of thick jet black hair. I felt honoured.

Kerala lady


During  a stay in this region of India I would wake early and spend the early hours photographing the fishermen bringing in their catch (a series in itself). I hadn’t noticed these boys. They shouted to me and as soon as I turned they instantly struck this boyband pose. Another one shot wonder. The image isn’t perfect by any means but I

Beach Boys - India style

 just love their attitude. Dudes !!

Havana, for a myriad of reasons, is a city of faded grandeur. Old Havana is full of character and shots on every corner. This gentlemen grooves to the salsa beat for the tourists. Unmistakably cutting a dash.

I like to capture people but I’m mindful not to invade their space or privacy. I don’t like the idea of being a “freak” watcher or something. People must retain their dignity. I’m also struck by the happy accidents that provide opportunity for a still life image. I’m proud to say that this shot was published in The Guardian newspaper in the UK.

Spices, Mysore market

Repetition always makes a great shot, too.

Scooters, Italy

I don’t mean these blogs to be a photo tutorial. There are those better at it than me. I’m just happy to pass on any ideas I have. With the advent of the digital age you can take as many shots as you like – maybe we should all become better editors, though. 🙂

Juxtaposition is a good provoker of responses. This shot was taken in the Egyptian desert. I did not expect to see a Toyota truck (the camels are out of shot).

Bedouin buildings, Egypt

Shoot, shoot, shoot………….edit like Hell.

18 thoughts on “Shoot, shoot, shoot………….edit like Hell.”

  1. LOVE! I particularly love the repetitive forms in “Spices” – awesome texture (and totally jealous you’ve been to Mysore) – as well as “Scooters” in Italy. I find structural compositions like these soothing for some reason.
    BTW . . . I am supposed to be working on my blog, but I was so delighted by the work you posted, I had to comment 🙂
    Take Care,

    1. Thank you so much for the good comments and support. I’m glad you like my stuff. I started this blog to try to connect with people around the world – just a neighbourly nod in cyberspace. I’ll put up the Kerala fishermen next. They were something else !

  2. Wonderful post Alan, 🙂 Simply loved the way you captured the Image. Few pics are able to speak about the person and place itself without uttering a single word. That’s the beauty of Pictures. And I must say, You are simply super artist. Kudos to you.
    Enjoy working on blog.

  3. My favorite is also the shot you got of the spices. It’s beautiful, such rich colors, it just draws my eye. Excellent work! Thank you for sharing them.


  4. LOVE the pic of the scooters! I had my eye on a bright red scooter for my 40th bday but alas it was not to be…got a cancer diagnosis instead. maybe next year. Thanks for reminding me in such a stunningly fetching way how much I still want a red scooter of my very own!

  5. These photos are so beautiful that I feel the seed of inspiration beginning to grow… I’ll definitely be back when I have more time, to see what kind of story they are inspiring me to write!

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