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Weekly Photo Challenge:Solitary

I was wandering the streets early one Havana morning when I saw this old man shuffling forward with his bag. I watched him until he found a doorstep to settle. He was selling newspapers. No-one paid him any attention – not even to buy a paper. He was clearly alone. I took his picture and wandered over to pay him ” a tip” . The start of another long day for him, I guess.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge:Solitary”

  1. I feel like I know him. Well maybe not him but certainly people like him…who have something to offer or say but no one pays any attention. It’s frustrating and lonely. It’s many of us… Great shot!

  2. As Kemi said, I feel like I know this man too. I notice the care he has taken to dress and look presentable while selling his papers. Love his hat.
    This picture speaks to me.

    1. There is a connectivity about it, isn’t there. I’m glad about that. I guess it’s the human element. I’m always wary when taking pictures of interesting people. People are not freaks and need to be treated with respect. It’s a fine line.

      1. I love what Munira says. It’s a great photo and description. I know what you mean about being wary of taking photos of people — that’s why I haven’t done it much as we’ve traveled. I feel a little more comfortable sketching people, though then I usually lose the likeness. ;b

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