Alejandro Escovedo – true gent

Some years ago I was whiling away the time with one of my favourite indulgences, scanning the Internet Archive live music lists for artists I’d never heard of and just dipping in. Actually, it is still one of my favourite ways of finding new music. No algorithm is going to tell me what I’d like. The Archive staff top pick for that week was a … Continue reading Alejandro Escovedo – true gent

We need to talk about Gaye.

Now here’s an album that serves up an adventure. At times dark and complex and at others trippy and spaced. A feast of dark chocolate coated turkish delight. A box of surprises. The first track begins at a frenetic pace, rattling in challenging your attention, and then comes in the vocal. A voice of purity and maturity, crystal clear like a glacier mint, enticing and … Continue reading We need to talk about Gaye.

Contemplating belly button fluff to the groove.

As the UK and the US split themselves down the middle and bleeding-heart liberal snowflakes like me contemplate our belly button fluff in the cosy confines of our cultural snobbery, there’s nothing quite like doing it to the sound of great music from around the World. Recent weeks have seen The Monkey groove to sounds from Istanbul, Spain, Zimbabwe and Poland. More on those later, … Continue reading Contemplating belly button fluff to the groove.

Gig Review: Anoushka Shankar, Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Note: for some reason the videos embedded in this post sometimes disappear. If you are reading a version without the videos I encourage you to seek out the “Land of Gold” narrative and title track via your favourite search engine. It will enhance your experience. Thanks. I first fell in love with Anoushkar Shankar and her music when I accidentally caught her in performance  with … Continue reading Gig Review: Anoushka Shankar, Symphony Hall, Birmingham

The absorbing amalgam of Ana A

It’s not possible to like all types of music. Personally, rap is misspelt and I’m not particularly a fan of folk music – fingers in ears and black dogs and stuff. But, to blanket ban some of these forms in ones listening is to narrow down your options of coming across a derivative that may just pique your listening interest. I’m not particularly a fan … Continue reading The absorbing amalgam of Ana A

Working it’s Mehrangarh magic

One of the legacies of my enjoyment of the Rohail Hyatt years at Coke Studio is that I found that I enjoyed, amongst the range of fusions on offer, the Qawwali style of music and singing. So I’m pretty chuffed with myself when I now recognise it unprompted. Qawwali, Bollywood, brass and electric beats meld into a rollicking enthusiastic spiritual journey that is “Junun” , … Continue reading Working it’s Mehrangarh magic