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Happy Birthday, Jerry,….and thank you !

Today would have been/ is the 70th birthday of Jerry Garcia…a man who changed my life and many others. You live on, great man, and thank you.

….and if you’re dying to know where the jam goes…..


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jerry,….and thank you !”

  1. SMM – Thanks for the post on Jerry. I posted a blog about him myself today and have some of solo stuff in the player right now. Peace.

  2. Please don’t throw a rock across the pond at me, but I have never heard one song from The Grateful dead.. but I’ll still say HBD Mr Jerry!!!

    1. Well, Lynne, that’s honest ! 🙂 I thought everybody in the US had some Dead in them. A bit like everybody in the UK has heard at least one Beatles song. Well, there’s not better time than the present. 🙂

  3. I didn’t know of Grateful Dead until I stumbled across the beautiful Peggy-O. Was suprised that a band with a name that sounds more akin to heavy metal were responsible for such a lovely sound.

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