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“It appears to be style without content….” Jerry Week part 3

Oh, the things we say and then ………feel silly about.

A young JG (

My potted Deadism for the week in honour of the Great JG continues with this wonderful  tv clip  from 1967. Youth and exuberance abound, perhaps for the cameras in part, but it was the beginning, and the bus was coming by. Who would know where it would take us ?

Fast forward to Radio City Music Hall, NYC, 1980 and some exquisite acoustic Dead. I think this is my favourite “Birdsong” . Acoustically it is more intimate than the electric versions – and you know it’s going “just exactly perfect” when Garcia and Weir start smiling.

So that’s it for now. In Part 4…………my favourite “laying in the garden” show.

4 thoughts on ““It appears to be style without content….” Jerry Week part 3”

  1. Whoa, that clip took me back! I was too young back then to decide to run off or really figure anything out, but I listened to as much news as I could stand, and wondered why I couldn’t choose peace, and music, and cool without establishment stuff like cigarettes and manufactured drugs. (I wondered about pot and other “natural” ways to get high– and now I’m so glad I was too young to experiment with that!) What I’m trying to say is that the clip really took me back!

    I like “Birdsong.” It reminds me a little of “Lady With a Fan” which is my favorite of their songs I’ve heard. I heard it on WXRT one evening, fell immediately in love with it, and searched till I found it on vinyl.

    1. I was too young too, about 14 I think, but young enough to be influenced by the music and the spirit -just breaking into my teenage rebel years. 🙂 I didn’t do pot either. A) I was scared and B) I’ve never smoked so it never interested me. Impressed that you searched out the vinyl of “Lady”. That’s Deadication !

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