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It’s 1976 all over again …….

New years are a natural time of transition and, one hopes, times for optimism. Whatever has happened before is gone and now is the time to take up the cudgel and charge on to whatever is to come. I remember 1976 fondly. For some reason I had decided that I would take my life and… Continue reading It’s 1976 all over again …….

The Cork Board

New Years Eve

So, the time arrives and we have a house full of Hardings. I must find a collective noun for a group of “Hardings”. Perhaps a “dreckly”...yes, we have a dreckly of Hardings (they are Cornish) in the house and everyone is armed with their own glass. Food abounds.......(this dreckly comprises it’s own masterchefs for which… Continue reading New Years Eve

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That was the year that was………..

It’s that turnaround again – the old 2-5-1 or the 5-4-1 if you prefer. We’ll swing it around and start again in a few days time. Looking back, gig of the year was Alejandro Escovedo in Oxford (such great varied songs); so many great books but up there are “The 1000 Autumns of Jacob de… Continue reading That was the year that was………..