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Copper River

 I’ve been thinking recently about the differences between poetry and song lyrics and posing the question when one works and where another won’t. Anyway, I’ll cogitate and spew forth on that later but for now I thought I would post up the lyrics for a song I have just finished. My songwriting is a steady process. I’m quite self-critical but the end results are the best I can do for now…..(aaarrgh, I’m straying into my discussion………). Here are the lyrics……………….

Copper River

Take any given wise man

Ask the question straight

Have I chance to make this better?

Or is this to be my fate?

Must I sail this copper river

Feel it’s cold heart in my bones

Will it give me hope and sanctuary

Or leave me tired and all alone


We rode in gold leaf meadows

Drank wine at Heavens Gate

Drew blood from stone and food from grain

Washed the dust from angels feet

And David told me once for good

Made sure I’d understand

A stone will flip your plough, my friend

Let no man steal your plan


(Song changes rhythm and pace here.)

Doin’ my best to keep you by my side

When the green tree died

We watched the river flow


The blue-eyed handsome stranger smiles

As darkness falls on Eden’s child

You played your cards now hearts are wild to grow


Haul the reins when it breaks down

Jumpin’ trains to any town

Nowhere’s the place where you wanna go


I’m trying to keep you here

I’m trying to keep you here


17 thoughts on “Copper River”

    1. I never thought about stating that. I think of myself as a singer/songwriter/fingerstylist with more than a heavy dash of Americana with some jazz background thrown in. hahaha…pigeon holes me, right ? ! 🙂

  1. I wish i could hear you play/sing this. I love the language, the tone, and the imagery, but i feel like i wont fully understand it until i hear it. I must have read it about 30 times, and i still like it — so that says something 🙂

    1. Thanks for the support, Jared. I keep promising myself to master the technology and I’ll get there. I have the software and the tools just short of good ol’ time. When I do, I’ll post it up as an update.

    1. Yes, I have Reason Record and Cubase 5. I’m just going to have to sit down and spend a weekend mastering the programmes. Thanks for the kind comments. I will get around to putting my music on the Webster. I’ve promised so many people. 🙂

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