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Just thought I would have a go at the 100 Word Challenge that is really 50 this time.

Here’s my effort – the prompt being the autumn leaves



Harry tweaked a tuning peg to ease his irritation. Flute looked across and grinned. She knew he hated that. Harry smirked and raised his eyebrows.

“You all got the music?” He’d pulled the band together and he’ll damn well lead. “Next. “The Autumn Leaves”

“No ‘The’” shouted Harry. “Dig?”

23 thoughts on ““Dig?””

  1. very esoteric. and thanks for liking my musicfilm “Don’t Nobody Move (This is a Heist)” that Re at Sparks in Shadow posted. I really appreciate it. i shall be checking in on you. continue…

  2. Hello SMM!
    Welcome to the 100WCGU – great to have you along.

    It was the song ‘The autumn leaves’ that I had in my head when I set the prompt. I love that song – so sad but such a lovely melody. Many thanks for taking me straight back to it. I do hope you become a regular visitor to our weekly silliness!

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