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Istanbul and the building that took my breath away.

One of the better aspects of living in Europe is that some of the worlds most charismatic cities are within easy distance. If you live on mainland Europe they are only a drive away. Berlin. Amsterdam. Florence. Rome. Milan. Barcelona. If you live in the UK there’s a stretch of water to navigate but we… Continue reading Istanbul and the building that took my breath away.

Photography, The Cork Board

East Side Gallery, Berlin

Just back from a short trip to Berlin, of which I will post more later. For now though, this is an unashamed graffiti post. Photographs of graffiti are interesting in themselves but the art is of the graffiti artist. The East Side Gallery is the longest stretch remaining of the wall that once divided the… Continue reading East Side Gallery, Berlin

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The Creative Muscle

Some years ago someone told me that being creative is a bit like being an athlete. Your creative brain is a muscle that requires training just like any other. Many of us have, or have had, full time jobs that develop the more pragmatic side of our instincts rather than the creative side and thus,… Continue reading The Creative Muscle