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Completely finishing…

Sometimes you get to be so busy that the passage of time goes unnoticed. Then, when you get to sit quietly, somewhere unusual perhaps (I still like to sit on the floor in a corner once in a while), you reflect on the water passed under the bridge. 


In an attempt to reduce the list of projects begun and still in progress I set out this year to be a “completer finisher”. That good old management pigeon hole.“Start something and make sure you finish it,” I told myself. “There’s bound to be a knock-on effect of increased satisfaction.” Always the theorist.

Five months into the year and I’m pausing for breath. Here’s what has gone down. Firstly, in collaboration with a friend who I was encouraging to kick start his music habit, we produced a song (yet to be inflicted upon you, dear reader). This required me not only to learn the rudiments of production but also to master some skills in Apple’s Garageband programme – something I’d been wanting to do for a couple of years now.

So, that’s a goodly slug of Garageband tucked into my brain box. Tick. 3D Green Glass Tick

Then, of course, a project that took nine months and was ripe for discarding into the “taking too long to do” box was the launch of my book – see previous post. Another project completed. Tick. 3D Green Glass Tick

I have been working on my poetry on the side though recognition eludes me yet but I can’t have everything straight away, can I? That would be pushing it. 


And finally, I am just 7 days away from Spain ride number 3. Another different route planned and trained for. 

It’s not always fine and dandy, though. There was the Black Dog, who still scratches at the door, and I’m sure vapes in some supernatural way through the catflap, and the contemplation of what Mrs. Monkey and I are to do next. A new life, new jobs, new location, new opportunities, new adventures, to the future and beyond.

We have also discovered to our embarrassment as UK citizens, the intrusive and obstructive process that tourists from India have to endure to obtain a visa to visit this apparently Sceptered Isle. We have been forced to provide bank statements, proof of employment, assurances of security and funding, to the UK visa office in Bengaluru and still our friend Saravan is having difficulty clearing the hurdles that will allow him to visit us and be a guest in our house and country. I am ashamed that people act this way in our name. We have even been asked how much we are spending to accommodate him. Ashamed of being a UK citizen ? What messages are we sending to the world? 


But, we press on, completely finishing – what we can, at least.

Here’s to the rest of the year.

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