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What’s happening with the Monkey?

What's been happening with the Monkey? After finally shaking off the after effects of a very nasty bug I’m feeling pretty positive at last. The mojo seemed to have been missing for a while and even Mrs. Monkey commented that here we are racing towards Spring and where did the last 10 weeks go?! We… Continue reading What’s happening with the Monkey?

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That was the year that was………..

It’s that turnaround again – the old 2-5-1 or the 5-4-1 if you prefer. We’ll swing it around and start again in a few days time. Looking back, gig of the year was Alejandro Escovedo in Oxford (such great varied songs); so many great books but up there are “The 1000 Autumns of Jacob de… Continue reading That was the year that was………..