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What’s happening with the Monkey?

What’s been happening with the Monkey?

After finally shaking off the after effects of a very nasty bug I’m feeling pretty positive at last. The mojo seemed to have been missing for a while and even Mrs. Monkey commented that here we are racing towards Spring and where did the last 10 weeks go?! We can’t think what we have done and yet I’m sure there has been some progress on lots of fronts. I guess we’re at that age where time zips faster than a speeding bullet and certainly faster than our goal-orientated conditioning can handle.

I have begun work on an electric guitar at last. The body has been glued up for about 12 months and I am finally getting around to moving forward on the project.

…planing the waste from the back…

I am making progress on a finger style arrangement of “Pearl of the Quarter” – a forgotten tune from my favourite Steely Dan album, which, if you’re nice to me, I’ll post up here when I’m happy with it.


Mrs Monkey and I began salsa lessons in January. Its great fun and in the spirit of working hard on fast dance moves for 45 minutes is a great workout too. But we really must practice in between lessons. There go those minutes, hours and days whipping by again.

Lots of political changes happening around the world too. I say “political” since this works as an appropriate label but politics, once decried as sinister and duplicitous, will be seen to rise above this. What we have now is little more than snakes spitting at each other in a pit.

On the upside, our fundraising charity, Chaithanya Orphanage UK, is working to fund a new education project in India during the new school year starting in July (around then, I think). This will be with primary school children in some of the remotest parts of Andhra Pradesh and working with the children of local poor farmers who have suffered endless droughts during recent years.

…Children’s Day in November last year with some of the children on the current educational support programme …

Sounds great (as Trump would say) but I did get a shock this morning when I went to transfer some cash to our friends.

Brexit has hit the pound and the pound to rupee value has sunk by 20% since June. Damn. Didn’t have as much money as we thought. Time to get our finger out so I’ll be focusing on that during the coming months.

Focus, focus, focus…. goals, goals, goals

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may…..

oh, and I just made my first ever biscuits….yum…

2017-03-21 09.36.02
…Mini Shrewsburys, not bad, I don’t think…

7 thoughts on “What’s happening with the Monkey?”

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better and that you’re busy with so many cool things. It’s always good to hear from you.

    Those Mini Shrewsburys look yummy! When I searched the name, Google thought I was asking about cars(?!), then I added the word cookie because I watch a lot of British tv and obviously automatically translated the word as my fingers were typing, and voila, I found out those are a kind of butter cookie. Whatever, now I’m hungry.

    It’s funny how over here a biscuit is like a breadier, unsweetened scone, whereas a cookie is what you would call a biscuit. The differences make watching the Great British Baking Show even more fun.

    1. Ah, Ré, don’t tell me you watch Bake Off !! Fi loves it… glued to every show. There was a very mouth watering photograph of said Shrewsbury biscuits in a mag we have and I just felt the urge to have a go. I’ve never baked before but I can follow instructions, and if I say so myself, they taste great. Lovely to hear from you too, and I do think of you when you go “quiet”. Glad you’ve surfaced again. Look after yourself.

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