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Bespoke bookcase in elm and bubinga ( not my punchiest heading) …

IMG_4937 crop

Finished at last after many interruptions. Designed for a specific space in the house which requires access through the middle section, which is why it is a slightly larger space than the other book areas, it is made from European Elm and Bubinga.


IMG_4942 crop

A simple leaf inlay design was used to liven it a little with cutouts suggesting leaf shapes or edges. The inlay is Rosewood, Box, Maple and Maple veneers.
IMG_4944 crop

Finished with 4 or 5 coats of French polish and then rubbed down with 0000 wire wool to give the wood a silky rather than gloss look.

Next up are two coffee tables to match.

Need a bespoke piece ? Let me know.

IMG_4962 crop

9 thoughts on “Bespoke bookcase in elm and bubinga ( not my punchiest heading) …”

  1. Impressed out of my skull! The shelf looks beautiful! Is it an original design?? I wish you had taken step by step photos 🙂 Can’t wait to see the coffee tables now.
    Incidentally, I have been working with wood too….not crafting or anything, but I had a door and some shelves to polish. So happy with my quick-dry satin finish wood stain!

    1. Thanks, Mun. It is all my design and construction. I’m thinking that bespoke furniture and the occasional guitar will earn me a penny or two into my “retirement”.. Hahah.
      I realised that I should have taken pics on the way but I have done a couple of proper jobs since this started so it was disorganised at times. I’ll take pics of the coffee tables on the way and post them up.
      Glad you are working with wood too. Doesn’t it look lovely when it’s done?! 🙂

      1. You could keep me as an apprentice! Watching carpenters is mesmerising. I might steal some pieces when you’re looking the other way of course…heheh.
        I have a penchant for coffee tables 😉 And yes, I can spend hours admiring finished jobs…such a warm, glowy feeling 🙂

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