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Build your own Time Machine – top science writer appears at Kempsford Festival

This is what has been keeping me busy lately. The weekend started out with a strong political theme but it’s shaping up nicely to be broader than that. Time travel, now there’s a thing …………………

Kempsford Political Literary Weekend 2014

When we put the programme together, Brian Clegg could have been in a different universe, we don’t know. But we are delighted to announce that top science writer, Brian Clegg, will be appearing on Sunday 27th April at 4.30pm to give his wonderful guidance on “Building your own Time Machine” (that is unless it’s already happened).

Brian Clegg 2 mediumBrian is a well-known writer and broadcaster on all things scientific and could recently be found on TV explaining quantum physics to BBC presenter Robert Peston.

Apparently, there are no physical laws preventing time travel so come along and find out if you’d really like to go back to the long hot summer of ’76.

Brian has kindly agreed to stand-in for Roy Hattersley and for that we are grateful, for one thing, but wow … what a topic. And there’s more, you can check out Brian’s book list at his website here.

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