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Phew, made it through another year…

I don’t believe in Astrology, but there you go. However, I did have a freaky experience once. At a business dinner many years ago we were amongst 6 couples sat around a table, mostly business acquaintances to some degree, thus knowing some better than others. My main guest and his partner was a major Buyer for a well-known food manufacturer who tin baked beans. (How many clues do you need?)

Anyway, a couple of hours into the evening and the conversation had been going well and we were all rather jolly when having covered off most topics in polite conversation my guest, let’s call him Tim, gets on to Astrology. He stated there and then that from our conversations all evening he can go around the table, remember that he doesn’t know anyone apart from me, and he certainly doesn’t know when my birthday is, and tell us what star sign we are.

He proceeded to give a brief resume of each sign and say who was what in the Astrological calendar. Accepting that he knew when his wife’s birthday was he got 9 of the remaining 10 spot on. I was gob-smacked. I still can’t explain it.

I am a Scorpio. Famous Scorpions are:

–          Pablo Picasso – yesssss

–          Hilary Clinton – go Hills

–          Sylvia Plath – sad  but true

–          Simon and Garfunkel – woh, can you believe they have the same birthday !!!

–          Grace Slick – one pill makes you larger

… Gracie …

Scorpio traits;

–          Loyal – I’ve supported the same football team for 50 years

–          Passionate – ask my wife

–          Resourceful – I can wear the same pair of jeans for weeks

–          Observant- I look where I’m going rather than texting

–          Dynamic – hahaha, hardly

The downsides;

–          Jealous – jealous? Moi ?

–          Obsessive – see “Loyal” comment above

–          Suspicious – only if you’ve earned it you slimy double-speaking toe rag

–          Manipulative – nah

–          Unyielding – see “Loyal” again

So there you go. All there is to know about me  – and if you need more my friend Tim can help you out. It’s my birthday today. Looking forward to another year of obsessive jealousy and unyielding suspicious manipulation.

Have a great weekend. Feed your head. I intend to.

28 thoughts on “Phew, made it through another year…”

  1. Yippee! I get to be the first to wish you here! Many many happy wonderful returns of the day Alan, wish you all the very best today and forever!

    p.s I always thought Scorpios were bloody scary 😉

    1. Unfortunately no, I don’t. We went our separate ways years ago. That’s the business world I guess. But he was weekend Harley rider and real cool dude, at work, he was a suited ice-cold buyer. The astrology thing came completely out of left field, as they say.

  2. Yeah, Wahoo, High-Five, Congrats and all that Jazz..
    Happiest of Birthdays to you my good fellow and may the rest of your years be amazing!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Al! And many happy returns of the day.

    I wonder if astrology (not the predictions, just the explanations of the different signs’ basic personalities) is one of those cleverly built constructs that works for a specific, unastrological, reason. But I casually studied it for a while because the personality part drew me in. I’m a bit rusty but still floored by it, especially the ‘important’ mix of one’s sun sign, ascendent, and moon sign. (That’s why not all Scorpios are scary sensitive. 🙂 )

    1. Seems to me that you’ve given this some thought, Ré. I hope you’re not going to point out some subtle trait that I missed or didn’t know I had. Most people also point out that Scorpios bear grudges for years and not to cross them – it seems to be their favourite trait (!). You’ll be pleased to know that I’m far too old for that.
      Thanks for the good wishes. High Fives across the water ! 🙂

  4. Alan,
    I have to tell you of all my blogging buddies you are my favorite. You are kind, genuine and like cycling. Go Team Sky!
    I hope you have had an amazing birthday. As the last hour of the day ticks away, my hope is that your day was spent with those you love and love you doing what you enjoy. Happy Birthday!
    I have to ask, who is your football team?
    One of the best people I’ve ever known is a Scorpio and is loyal beyond words. The type of man that when he loves you he will take care of you even before thinking about himself.
    Great post, I never really thought much of astrology but this opens my eyes to some new thinking.
    Again Happy Birthday and may this next year be the very best you’ve ever had!

    1. Thank you, Alison. You are very kind. My team is Wolves………. currently on a downward trajectory!
      I had a great day. I’m off to play my guitar with an old friend this lunchtime so today could be cool too.

      1. Wolves, very cool. I am a Celtic fan and have to say over in your area I lean very much toward where ever Stephen Gerard suites up. I simply adore his play.
        I love all football however. Even will cheer on Wayne Rooney when he is playing well. Those guys who just push it are fun to watch.
        Have fun pickin’

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