World Music

Vusa Mkhaya & Mamadou Diabate, just so damn cool ……….

Saturday afternoon and I’m spending an hour travelling the world from my home office,as I am wont to do from time to time. The sun is shining outside and it’s quite mild. Tonight we will be out with friends celebrating an engagement but for now I must jump into my cyberjetmind and see what the world has to offer, musically speaking.

I am listening to the album “Vocalism” by Zimbabwean artist Vusa Mkhaya. I haven’t finished listening yet so I may well post up a review later but suffice to say I am intrigued and very pleased. Enough to go youtubing the young man and found this….

Oh my, just enjoy this moment……


4 thoughts on “Vusa Mkhaya & Mamadou Diabate, just so damn cool ……….”

  1. Hi Al – This is just incredible. I love the tone and sound Mamadou is getting out of that kora. It just blows me away. I sense a post about koras in my future! Thanks for posting this.

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