Stretch yourself beyond the “snap”………….

So I thought I would post up some of my photography. First up, I used to teach art in the 70’s for a very short while so I have a bit of an art based background. One of the main things that has always stuck with me is aiming to get the composition correct from the start. Even with today’s digital freedom I always try to get it right first time rather than point and shoot and edit later – it’s just a habit.

My Photoshop skills are pretty basic so not much gets reprocessed beyond the occassional sharpness tweak or crop. Though there is some colouring in the New York shot to try to bring out a little more chill, just for fun.

Now that I have to wear spectacles most of the time I find holding and framing an SLR sometimes very frustrating. I just can’t seem to get my view of the frame in close enough to make sure the edges are clear or straight so I guess there will be more  post-shot cropping in future. Anyway, it’s all part of the creative process.

In recent years I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some lovely places and there are some fantastic opportunities to record great scenes. I would encourage anyone with the simplest of cameras to “have a go” – stretch themselves beyond the “snap”. It’s not the equipment that matters – it’s the imagination.

Coconut Motion

I was taking pictures in the early morning of Kerala fishermen bringing in their catch when I caught sight of this coconut and the trail in the sand as it had been washed in by the sea. I obviously had time to frame this one there and then. It’s not perfect but I wanted to keep at least two trails to “tell the story” .


Kerala fisherman. A moments thoughtfulness after bringing in the catch.

Iron Man

This man earns his living doing ironing from his little shack in a rural village in Andre Pradesh. I could have cropped it down even further but I wanted to keep some detail of his hut with it’s colourful decorations and newspapers.

New York picnic table

Running (on the ice, aahh) to catch the Ferry across the bay I spotted this table dripping in ice….snap….run…..that’s all it took.

New York chill

I left the angle of view “as is” on this to emphasise that in New York you spend a lot of time looking upto the sky and the sheer height of everything. Yep, New York was c..c…c..c…oolldd  – but we had a ball anyway. Thank you NYC !!

And in warmer times………..

Gaudi Chimneys, Barcelona

4 thoughts on “Stretch yourself beyond the “snap”………….”

    1. Glad you liked the pictures. I’ve always used Minolta – for years and years, mainly because I found (and still do) Canon and Nikon too big and clumsy for my hands in the camera I want. When they were taken over by Konica by bought a Dynax 5D (because the lenses I had still had the same fitting ) and have used that ever since. One day, I might upgrade to a later model, but I’m happy with the one I’ve got.

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