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The race for The White House – tales of love and loss.

So, it’s Polling Day again, nearly anyway. Don’t it come around quickly ! I’ve managed to avoid most of the campaigning news, apart from the headlines, and probably won’t get worked up about who wins or loses, though I do have a preference. I’m saddened and worn down by the realisation that through the last 30 odd years or so of political shenanigans I have come to the conclusion that very few, and I mean very few, are above self-aggrandisement and hypocrisy.

The campaigns get underway –  it gets dirty – debates are televised – the First Ladies In Waiting do their bit to raise their husband’s profiles and suitability for the job.

Are Ann Romney and Michelle Obama critical to the vote ? Probably not when it comes down to the wire, but if either of them were not media savvy, or were to make a huge gaffe of epic proportions, then the Press Secretarys would be getting the Hoover out rapido.

And when the result is announced the Leader of the Free World will make his triumphant entrance most definitely with his wife on his arm or hand, waving to the crowds together, stating their solidity for all to see. We’re in this together, baby. Didn’t we do well. Yes, my wife is right by my side.

So which of these two candidates, Romney or Obama, will be man enough to allow Olga Salanueva and Adriana Perez to visit their husbands in jail ?

… Olga Salanueva …

These two ladies are wives of two of the Miami Five, Gerardo Hernandez and Rene Gonzalez. Both have been denied the right to see their husbands, on 10 separate occasions, against all sense or sensibility, and in the case of Olga Salanueva she has been told that she is permanently ineligible to apply to see her husband again.

… Adriana Perez …

Amnesty International state that “denying the men visits from their wives is unnecessarily punitive and contrary to standards for humane treatment of prisoners and states’ obligations to protect family life” .

This hypocrisy by the White House wouldn’t happen to be because these people are Cuban, would it ?

While tomorrow’s victor proudly struts his stuff with his beautiful wife by his side, implicitly showing how “normal” he is, how “family” is important, how sickeningly rosy everything is in their garden, for a few hours anyway, somewhere, many miles away, are two sets of partners who are being denied the opportunity to stare at each other across a desk while a guard watches by.

Which of these two wife-wearing prospective Presidents will change this ?

I’m not holding my breath.

11 thoughts on “The race for The White House – tales of love and loss.”

  1. In fairness to the White house, the Senate and Congress control every last slap daddy decision. The POTUS has very little power in actuality. This is a sad situation and it will take people like me, Amnesty members to keep pressuring and badgering and sending letters before anything is done.
    If I had to chose a 1st Lady who i think had the brass to do anthing, it would be Mrs. Obama. Mrs Romney is afraid of her shadow.
    thsi is a very sad situation, very sad indeed.

    1. Yes, I agree, Lynne. I use the term “The White House” as a generic term for the US governmental system. I didn’t want to delve deep into the Florida lobby etc. I can’t believe that these poor ladies cannot see their husbands. To deny them this only shows how petty some anti-Cuba decision makers are, and that it’s not all about Castro, it’s about being Cuban. Thank you for your support. I know it’s tough to stand up for Cuba in parts of the US.

  2. I had no idea about this it’s very sad. Everyone should be allowed to see their loved ones. I would imagine prison is very unpleasant but then being denied visitors is simply cruel.

      1. Cuba is one of very few countries ( only 2 others I think – North Korea is one but can’t remember the other) where there isn’t a central bank with involvement of the Rothschild family.
        Also any country the USA invade or have previouys involvemtn in has a fully functioning military base.. take a look at all the borders with Iran.. it is completely circled with USA military bases..

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