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Please leave your iPhones at the barrier….

So, today, 14th January 2012 is the 45th anniversary of the Human Be-In in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Six months later we would have the Summer of Love. I put it to you – isn’t it time for another?


Wouldn’t it be wonderful for tens of thousands of people to come together in peace, no Police. Share music, fun, experiences. Art. Poetry. Oh how we laughed at the hippies. And some still do. Oh how we would envy that peace now. Wear flowers in your hair. Colours in your clothes.

Allen Ginsberg get it on

You may have heard of Peace Day. The campaign for a global truce on one day – September 21st 2012. That campaign can then become two days of truce, then three? How about a Global Human Be-In where we all share something with a stranger. A handshake.  A flower.  Food.  A hot/cold drink.

Then one Global Human Be-In Day can become two, three? You never know – we might change something at last.

You can say, I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.


23 thoughts on “Please leave your iPhones at the barrier….”

  1. Nope, you sir are NOT the only one.
    We can do this, and for all of time, the only thing stopping us is mindset.
    Oh how I long for peace; everlasting, and would gladly leave my android at the entrance — or door to the daisy painted Winnebago, either or ;-)!

    1. Ah, thanks Jared. Recently, at the end of a British soap,two of the main characters got together (ah, real love) and drove off into the sunset leaving the series to go adventuring in a VW Camper………………and I thought, I thought, “Damn, I could do that…….” just paint on the daisies and the Grateful Dead skull flash……… 🙂

  2. Waving our candle apps in the fire sounds kind of sweet 😀
    Oh how I remember those days. In ’69, I went to San Francisco met some people then after playing my guitar on the wharf with some of them, they invited me to their commune up north in Petaluma. I was living off the land with them…I will never forget:D
    What a great dream and post…
    Peace, love and patchouli oil 😉

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