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The Alcazaba in Almeria ……and the HOGs

Most of us have been through airport security at least once since 9/11, and if you haven’t you’ve probably heard tales of tight restrictions and attention to detail. When it’s me in line, jacket is off, pockets emptied, belt and shoes in tray, ready to roll – no problem. So I do get a bit… Continue reading The Alcazaba in Almeria ……and the HOGs

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San Jose, Almeria…..beeaaauutiffuuull

OK, so I am going to post up a proper post regarding artwork and experiences during our recent trip to Spain but I'm still wading through post holiday house jobs, paperwork, etc, but I'll get there. In the meantime I found this video quite by accident when looking for something else. We were based… Continue reading San Jose, Almeria…..beeaaauutiffuuull

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It sits there, in my mind, smirking….

Once in a while as we blissfully glide through our freeform lives we experience moments that are at once so enriching and moving that they form a part of our make-up. They become a part of who we are since this enrichment sits there, quietly smirking, in the back our minds.  “Gotcha there, didn’t I,”… Continue reading It sits there, in my mind, smirking….

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World Music No. 3 – Ry Cooder

I should be working but I just got to share this with you. Not strictly World Music but I just had to pass this on. Who is writing the protest songs of today? One or two maybe, but it seems that the search for cheap celebrity drives everything forward for a certain generation. Neil Young… Continue reading World Music No. 3 – Ry Cooder

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Beep sings to his mini-Beep-to-be……

Just thought I'd like to post up here a great new tune. My son and his partner (as I've mentioned before) are awaiting the arrival of Paddlehands - the affectionate petname they have given to their unborn son as he waves around in his Mummy as the scanner goes by. The excitement of new parents… Continue reading Beep sings to his mini-Beep-to-be……

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The Saint……. (du-du-doo-da-der-doo-doo)……….

On the 20th August 1969 one of the best and most highly regarded poplar music combos, The Beatles, finished mixing and editing  “I want you (She’s so heavy)” for their new album “Abbey Road”. I can’t claim that this story actually happened that day but do I remember it was late August 1969.It was… Continue reading The Saint……. (du-du-doo-da-der-doo-doo)……….

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Blame the parents

I, like everyone else, was appalled by the level of wanton destruction and violence during the rioting in England’s cities in recent days. There appeared to be no apparent reason for any of it and the destruction of small businesses and, in some cases, homes above shops, seemed to defy rationality. So, politicians cut short… Continue reading Blame the parents

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Hot, damn hot……………Jerry Week part 4

Most English summers are unremarkable. The sun shines more often than the winter time, temperatures don't rise much above the low 20's as a general rule, but rain is never far away. Thus, the favourite pastime during an English summer is to complain about the summer weather, one way or another. However, every once in… Continue reading Hot, damn hot……………Jerry Week part 4

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“It appears to be style without content….” Jerry Week part 3

Oh, the things we say and then .........feel silly about. My potted Deadism for the week in honour of the Great JG continues with this wonderful  tv clip  from 1967. Youth and exuberance abound, perhaps for the cameras in part, but it was the beginning, and the bus was coming by. Who would know where it would take us… Continue reading “It appears to be style without content….” Jerry Week part 3