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Waterworld and getting into the movies

I've never been a Home Movie Man. I always had a much stronger instinct for still photography and thought of the Camcorder as a bit nerdy. I know that's a bit harsh but it is in the past tense. The quality of camcorders these days is so high that creative people use them all the… Continue reading Waterworld and getting into the movies

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Dawn rises over the flood

It has been raining heavily, intermittently, for a few weeks now. When it does, the “Infant Thames”, as the trickling is known around here as it begins it’s journey east to the Big City and worldwide fame, becomes a stroppy bloated teenager for a while. Three of the four roads out of our village will… Continue reading Dawn rises over the flood

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I predict a RIAT

The RIAT is coming to town this weekend. The bollards and signs have been out for about 3 weeks preparing for the influx of plane enthusiasts and their families. Our sleepy little hollow will come alive to the roar of military jets, the drone of stationary traffic and the happy gabbling of plane spotters and… Continue reading I predict a RIAT