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The land of spaghetti westerns

So, as promised, some pictures of the holiday in "Spaghetti western" land. These are not particularly artistic but give you a flavour of the countryside around Almeria. In 1964 this area was used as the setting for "A Fistful of Dollars" and for several more spaghetti westerns after that. There is even a cine-tour of… Continue reading The land of spaghetti westerns

Photography, The Cork Board

The Alcazaba in Almeria ……and the HOGs

Most of us have been through airport security at least once since 9/11, and if you haven’t you’ve probably heard tales of tight restrictions and attention to detail. When it’s me in line, jacket is off, pockets emptied, belt and shoes in tray, ready to roll – no problem. So I do get a bit… Continue reading The Alcazaba in Almeria ……and the HOGs

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San Jose, Almeria…..beeaaauutiffuuull

OK, so I am going to post up a proper post regarding artwork and experiences during our recent trip to Spain but I'm still wading through post holiday house jobs, paperwork, etc, but I'll get there. In the meantime I found this video quite by accident when looking for something else. We were based… Continue reading San Jose, Almeria…..beeaaauutiffuuull