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I want my own pc…

A number of unusual things have happened since Mrs. Monkey quit her job. I always used to rise at 6.30 and then wake her up for work. This has reversed. She is up hours before me, sometimes as early as 5.00 am, to work on our new venture Corky and Prince. Me? I sleep till 8 or 9, worn out. I have never been like this. I’m an early morning person. Sleeping in means that I’m missing the best part of me.

business woman at work on computer showing thumbsup sign clipart
Coffee made, she assumes the position at the dining table and works away on the laptop for the next 4 hours. That used to be me. I want my own pc…..
Also, nowadays, she answers the telephone ! Never used to do that but now it could be business (!). C & P is going well so I’m not complaining.

But I’m not writing, practicing guitar, working through new skills etc. I want my own pc …. Mrs. Monkey has taken on the cooking duties though and that’s nice. She said that I’d done all the cooking for the last 10 years so she was giving me a rest. We share the driving more too. Though there is a greater incidence of “Nervous Passenger Syndrome”.

One of those FB reminder posts popped up today from 2012. A photograph of a bottle of champagne awarded to Mrs. Monkey by her employer for being Top Change Leader of the year. I can’t promise that we’ll be drinking champagne much in the future but it did remind me that she knows a thing or two about this business lark. I must remember that as I switch roles in the blink of an eye from Joint MD to Logistics Director ( I drive the car) to Warehouse Labourer (getting flowers out of the garage) to Mentor ( nice one) to Strategic Creative Designer (I wouldn’t put that there) that we are in the midst of organisational change. So, I shall put in a Purchase Request to the Resources Dept. ( which,oddly enough, is not me)…I want my… I want my…I want my own pc…..

5 thoughts on “I want my own pc…”

  1. Al, I hope your pc request is granted soon. 🙂 Don’t know what I’d do if I had to share.

    I love the Corky and Prince website! If I had the means, and lived in range of the business, I wouldn’t shop for flowers anyplace else. (And you know when fortune smiles on me, I’ll be asking you about a handmade guitar. I daydream about the day I can afford that.)

    Doesn’t look at all like you need it, but best of luck to you both with the new business. 💚

    1. Thanks, Ré. Thank you for checking out the website too. 🙂 I’m hoping to get back to woodworking during the winter months and then creating some sort of routine. I’ve lots of plans now I need the time and focus. I have a big birthday coming up. Another year done and so much still to do. Soooo much…. Stay well.

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