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Dear Diary, better to burn out…

Dear Diary,

I have been wondering lately what role you might play in bringing things back to normal. Seems to me right now that after the craziest three months this summer replenishing my energy levels is proving elusive. I know they will come back. I’m hoping for sooner rather than later. 

Mrs. Monkey quit her job earlier and a lot has changed around here in the last 6 months. I did get my bike ride in, after spending about 5 weeks polishing up the house for sale – which was an idea later put on hold. And then coming home we went straight into setting up our Airbnb bnb as income stream No.1. Taking in our first guests was scary but we’re settling into it now. Note to self: don’t underestimate the work involved in a bnb.


Income stream No.2 is proving to be more demanding since it probably has more potential. We’ve been working hard on setting up a Wedding and Events Flowers business. Much of the work is focused upon setting up the business for next years wedding season but there is a lot to work through.

Plus, we’ve already delivered our first commission in July. Thumbs up all round.

One of the creations from the day.

Saravan came for 3 weeks and has just gone home. It was lovely to have him here and to debunk a few myths about western living. He was relieved that, contrary to perceptions, we were not, as a nation, permanently drunk. He also found our politeness on the road “astonishing” – his word. No constant horns blaring. He noted down his thoughts as the weeks went by based on what he had seen and where he’d been. He was moved to write that we respect our women and they have a role in major decisions. Our health service and education system is amazing and free. We saw our world through someone else’s eyes.

Saravan and I play in the woods.

Tie all this up with Ailing Motor Stress and we have had a time of it. Our car needed replacing before it bit the dust. We’d driven on long enough with the whine of a dodgy gearbox piercing our ears. I flew to Scotland to drive home our replacement. Nine hours on the road. Two days later we were outside Heathrow airport at 1.30am waving Saravan goodbye. Two days after that we walked 12 miles cross country in driving rain with friends on a charity walk. 

That was 4 days ago and now my battery bar has the charge spark across it. Plugged into normality fortified by wine and ssshhh…silence. 

I haven’t played my guitar for two months, at least. Writing has ground to a halt. Sketching and painting hasn’t happened since I don’t know when. When I meet new people these days instead of enquiring after my profession they come straight out with it – “Are you retired?” 

What ?! Are you kidding !?

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