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Al’s Vuelta 2016 is announced….or is that derecho

Flushed with excitement and the adrenaline still pumping I had such an experience last year that I tentatively pressed a small glass of wine into Mrs.Monkey’s hand and snuggled up. “Please, pretty please, can I go to Spain again ?”

It seems that four weeks of doing her own ironing last year hadn’t dimmed her enthusiasm for me disappearing off for another adventure (maybe I should read something into this) and so once again, flushed with the glow of memories from last year, I am once again cycling from the south coast of Spain to the North. This time, a different route. And I am just about beginning to focus.

... the route ...
… the route …

This ride will be different. There will be more hills for a start though there seemed enough last year. This year, I won’t have the “luxury” of much of a plateau.

The trip works out like this;

Miles and miles and miles and miles …….

Day 1     San Javier to Cieza                           58
Day 2     Cieza to Albacete                             62
Day 3     Albacete to Belmont                       65
Day 4     Belonte to Cuenca                           67
Day 5     Cuenca rest day
Day 6     Cuenca to Budia                               67
Day 7     Budia to Medinacelli                       57
Day 8     Medinacelli rest day
Day 9     Medinacelli to Soria                        53
Day 10   Soria to Aranda                                70
Day 11   Rest in Aranda
Day 12   Aranda to Burgos                             52
Day 13   Burgos rest day
Day 14   Burgos to El Ribero                         60
Day 15   El Ribero to Laredo                          37
Day 16   Laredo rest day
Day 17   Laredo to Santander                      40

So, about 685 miles or there about, and as you can see, a bit front loaded with some long rides in four days before I get to put my feet up.

I learnt a lot from last year’s ride and so I’m hoping, of course, that this year it will be just as much fun and trouble free. Planning is beginning to take shape. Training is on course though I’m hoping for a dry-ish April so that I can get out on the road and get some miles into my legs. (I type this with a howling gale outside !!)

Spanish language is mucho rusty – have to address that.

Stay tuned, Monkey fans, more detail later.

6 thoughts on “Al’s Vuelta 2016 is announced….or is that derecho”

  1. Hey Alan,
    Sounds like fun! You might want to consider stopping in Banos de Archena instead of Cieza – there’s some really nice hot springs there and a very elegant spa hotel. The route from Archena to Cieza is really beautiful along the Rio Segura. Let us know your dates, we might come and wave you on your way.

    Un abrazo,

    1. Hi Simon, I’ll have a look at Banos de Archena and fortunately I had planned the Rio route so that’s in. I arrive in San Javier, morning of May 14th and set off riding on Monday 16th. Weather here is currently crap for training though. Gym work is called for. 🙂

    1. Hmm, you’re not the only one to say that. I wanted a different route, obviously, and I knew it wouldn’t be as flat as stretches of Extremadura. The hardest bit in planning was getting around the metropolis of Madrid with somewhere to stay, and of course, all roads around Madrid are autovias (or that’s how it seems). The elevation profiles of each route do look “bumpy”. I’ll just take each day as it comes and lots of anti-inflammatories. It’s a holiday afterall.

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