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I consider myself quite lucky in so many ways. One of them is that I don’t seem to get colds very often. I am by nature a compulsive “hand washer” and by all accounts that’s the trick.
When I do go down, however, I give up. Well, that sounds more of a surrender than it actually is. What I have learned over the years is that there is no use fighting it… I know that my body will respond better and quicker if I allow it to rest. So, sod it, I say, and I will sit here under a blanket to keep warm and just read, drinking and eating exactly what I feel like. Red wine and dark chocolate. Soup and nuts. Whiskey at 2 in the afternoon. I have learned to go with the flow.
Funnily enough I felt this coming on. I have been training hard for my “vuelta” and on Thursday, 50 minutes into my “bike ride” at the Gym, I suddenly felt very cold. Not the right sensation for a temperature controlled Gym and 50 minutes in. I knew something was wrong.
But what to do with the time now that the battery is flat as a flat thing and my body is saying “stuff this, I need a rest, pal” ?
Crack on with my Martin Chuzzlewit. Work on my art (mostly in my head). Wait it out – I know that in 72 hours the battery meter will start to rise again and normal service will be resumed at some point. Come up with ideas.

Why is the cure for the comon cold so elusive? I think it must a piece of cake to solve it really, but I’m a creative not a scientist. My bet is that Mr. Big Pharmer knows exactly what to do but makes too much cash out of the half measures. Oh well, pass me another lemsip and whiskey…… I’ll ride this one out and be back soon.

4 thoughts on “Cold”

  1. Blueberries pal, its all about eating blueberries on a daily basis and you will not get a cold. We freeze them here for winter usage. I hear Hillary Clinton believes hot peppers will ward off a cold, but to me —it’s blueberries.

  2. We tend to use chillies and garlic in a lot of food, they’re meant to be good at warding off more than vampires.

    Otherwise, why buy lemsip? Honey, hot water, lemon, glycerine, and whisky if you want to adulterate it. A fine drink, cold or no.

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