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Oi, Tory Boy, Enough !!

Enough already, enough,I say. Now we have another Tory saying that we will be swamped by immigrants. Are we a short step from another “Rivers of Blood” speech? Let us stop this divisive language. It is destructive and only makes honest and fair minded UK citizens cringe.

... wealthy, in power, and stupid ...
… wealthy, in power, and stupid …

Isn’t it funny how the loudest voices choose their stats and suddenly say that they speak for everyone in Britain. It angers the f*&k out of me. They do not speak for me or lots of people that I know.

In August it was announced that net migration into the UK had increased by 38% with EU citizens accounting for 2/3rds of the growth. They would – they have Membership Cards as a European ( as do each of us). Clearly, not enough rich pensioners scarpered off to live in Spain or France !

It is often the Eastern European who is the target of the bigoted vitriol. The two graphs below give two very different pictures, both available from the ONS.

Long-term trends in work-related immigration

The chart shows the trends for work of visas issued, admissions and International Passenger Survey (IPS) estimates of non-EU immigration, extensions and work-related permissions to stay permanently (settlement) between the year ending December 2005 and th
Romanian and Bulgarian workers
line break

The Right would have us believe that Romanians and Bulgarians are all fruit-picking rogues and vagabonds and it’s their fault …. for anything.

Here are a few more stats;

Gross Public Debt (%  of GDP): Projected 2015

UK                    92.7%

Romania.          40.1%

Bulgaria.           22.7%

Those pesky Eastern Europeans have a better outlook than us, having acquiesced as we have, to greed and avarice.

And two quotes from The Migration Observatory – August 2014 ………

“…the evidence suggests that the fiscal impact of migration in the UK is small ( less than +/-1% of GDP)…”

…… And ……..

” ….The Office for Budget Responsibility suggests that net migration reduces pressure on government debt over time. This result is based on the assumption that incoming migrants are more likely to be of working age than the population in general…..”

Evidence for the years 2007-2009 suggests that the fiscal impact of migration in the UK is +0.46% of GDP…..

There they are again. Bloody foreigners contributing to our economy. Who do they think they are?!

So, I say, let’s encourage the wealthy pensioners to scarper off and lay in the sun and let’s get more hard-working Eastern European young families over here contributing to our economy.

Oi, Tory Boy, shove it !

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