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Where the hell you been … ?

It is coming to something when Mrs. Monkey is surprised that I haven’t blogged for 3 months, but I’ve been so busy. I know, dear reader, ( I can refer to you in personal terms, now. There are so few of you left. Oh, how fickle is fame ?) Always the same old excuse. I did start work on a special post for No.200, for No. 200 this one is, but I’m still awaiting information from the accursed Inland Revenue and when that arrives I will announce something special.
The last 3 months has seen me start a new job, marry off a daughter, visit 2 more countries (if I can count Scotland ! ) and all the usual stuff of eating, drinking, washing underpants etc. We have just returned with more unwashed underpants from a great 2 week jaunt through Spain where I was pleased with myself for starting, and sometimes ending, my conversations in pigeon Spanish before having to resort to international common ground all the time. Responses still come back to me like machine gun fire and my brain doesn’t always translate the words I recognise in the right order, but I get there somehow, mostly. My brain is busy translating all the Spanish I hear into Yoda.  Yoda_SWSB copy
I could have rambled on about Scottish Independence, or the return of my much-loved Coke Studio (thoughtful hmmm), or the excellent Natalie Merchant album that I bought, or the even more excellent but challenging Sun Kil Moon one. Reviews coming up perhaps. I could have rambled on about the guitar repair that went on and on and on ( I was asked to fit baritone strings to a Les Paul – tune it down 2 whole steps and reset the action …………………………….. never again).
So here’s a bit of everything..

... a proud Dad ...
… a proud Dad … (sorry about the quality, don’t have a good source for this one yet)
... Madrid ...
… Madrid …
... 2 sketches of the Tower at The Mosque / Cathedral in Cordoba , one speedy ...
… 2 sketches of the Tower at The Mosque / Cathedral in Cordoba , one speedy …
... Oh, and I fell of my bike. Doh ! ..  ;) ...
… Oh, and I fell of my bike. Doh ! .. 😉 …

4 thoughts on “Where the hell you been … ?”

  1. Stunning bride, love the shape of the dress and the glorious bouquet.

    I love Cordoba, or specifically I love the mezquita (just thought I’d refresh your Spanish). Hope the bike accident wasn’t too serious? No trips to A&E?

    1. Cordoba was lovely, though we darned got tangled in the old city road network (fortunately we were renting a small car specifically with these problems in mind).

      Bike tumble was in July, I was sauntering along trying to unwrap my energy bar when the kerb came out to greet me. I just tumbled over sideways. Cursed and spat. Looked around to make sure no-one saw me and just sat there and ate my bar. My pride hurt more. 🙂

  2. First off…congratulations! Or shall I say bohat bohat mubarak ho? Great to hear the update, so much happening in your life. Love the pen sketches of course, both of them! Sorry to hear about the fall though, those scratches look nasty! 😦
    Can’t wait to see how CS evolves under new captains!
    I’ve been toying with bloggy updates too, but I think it’ll take a little more time. Life is overwhelming!

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