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Do not adjust your set..

I am in the middle of a heady 2 months. I’m not really much of a TV watcher normally, preferring books, film, music, other stuff, and neither do I watch much sport unless my team is playing, and then I make the effort. But I do love football and cycling, and especially the big events. Champions League games that are a “must watch”, for instance. European finals. And I love cycling and watching the Grand Tours. The Giro, The Vuelta, and of course, The Tour de France.


With encouragement from Mrs. Monkey, who loves a good game herself, I have been immersed in what is becoming an amazing World Cup. The business end of the tournament started yesterday and we were treated to two excellent matches.

The Beautiful Game ………………..


The great football goes on. This footy-soaking will be topped up on Saturday by the daily injection of the Tour de France ( see what I did there ? it’s a joke, honest).


Some years ago a good friend of mine would spend 3 weeks of the summer months sat in front of the TV all afternoon watching the Tour.

“Watch it, Al. It’s excellent,” he would say.

“Sorry. I just can’t see myself getting into it,” my response.

But after years of annual nagging I gave it a try and became hooked. Rugby players think they are hard. And many are. But try bouncing off concrete at 30 miles an hour and getting back up and onto your bike. That’s hard ! And now that the sport is cleaner than ever it is an awesome and often inspiring event to follow.

... Chris Froome, the current champ ...
… Chris Froome, the current champ …

This year’s Grande Departe will be in Yorkshire, a county I know well. Months of searching the Web for a hotel room proved fruitless long ago so I will be watching from the safety of my sofa, beer and crisps in hand, as the riders whip past hills and roads I will recall from earlier days.

It has just happened that way. I’m not like this really. But till the end of July I will be Homeresque. Punching the air at great football and cheering on feats of strength and courage in The Tour.

Do not adjust your set. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.



4 thoughts on “Do not adjust your set..”

  1. I’ve stopped watching the footy. Nothing to do with England, just stopped. I find it mentally draining too.

    Great that the TdeF is starting in my home county. And, cycling has received a real resurgence as a sport in the last few years in the UK. Now, how to get everyone off their sofa, out of their cars and on their bike? …

    Enjoy the sport 🙂

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