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4th June 1989

… since that day, in my own way, I have always remembered those brave people who stood up to be counted. Those who were wounded or were killed and, of course, those who subsequently disappeared or have paid in some way for their part in calling for freedom and human rights.

This year I thought it fitting to include some shots from the family album taken since that fateful day.

Chinese President Hu, Britain's PM Brown, Britain's Queen Elizabeth and European Commission President Barroso smile during a reception at Buckingham Palace in London



Merkel Wen Jiabao


Bush and Hu Jintao 2008



And as a reminder, an old news clip, now grainy. “Tell the World, ” they said.

And a recommendation. Read Ma Jian’s “Beijing Coma”. Ma Jian is no longer allowed in his home country.



4 thoughts on “4th June 1989”

    1. A formative moment in a people’s struggle. What happened is truly shocking in the modern world.
      (If you can get your hands on the book, Mun, it is a gripping fictionalised account of what happened.)

      1. Will search for it in local bookshops….couldn’t find an e-pub version online…but I read the Wiki on Tiananmen Square…can’t believe I never knew about it. Your post chimes with what I’m reading nowadays though…Arundhati Roy’s ‘An Ordinary Person’s Guide To Empire’…making my blood boil it does.

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