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The romance of the sea …


There are several antique shops in a town near us. Most of the time, being “local”, we pass them by but once in a while we pop in for a look around out of curiosity. I have been searching for a unique lamp with which to make a floor lamp for our dining room. I didn’t want to make a common-or-garden standard lamp. Bulb and shade sort of lamp. But I knew that when I found the right object it would speak to me….. “Take me home, Al..” it would call.

So, I need to share with you my excitement at finding this. Lying forlorn amongst a pile of other nick-nacks and bricabrac, “Eagle Annuals” and rusty saws. A lamp from the side of ship, which, in time, will become the focal point of our new floor lamp. It is solid brass so quite heavy for a floor lamp. But hey, it’s perfect. I can’t wait to get started because now I can design a stand with some maritime flavours acknowledging the life this lamp once had. I can hear waves… the call of gulls … the hiss of spray … the smell of flapping fish as they gasp for life on deck … ah, the romance of the sea…





(I love it so much you get three pictures. )

4 thoughts on “The romance of the sea …”

  1. Oh, I love it too! I also have spent some time pondering the boringness of most lamps, so I’m delighted you found this. Can’t wait to see the finished creation (you will be showing us, right?).

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