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Another one of the world’s great buildings ….

We had arrived in Jodhpur sweaty and tired. A day’s refreshing and wandering some of the blue houses the previous evening had whetted our appetite for what was to prove an unforgettable day when the dawn broke. Little did we know that Mehrangarh Fort was not just another fort – not just another historical site, more battles, martyrdom, ho-hum.

Our tuk-tuk driver weaved his way up the rickety road peppering his commentary with less-than complimentary comments about the current political situation in Rajasthan and the people who run it. I must admit that I do find these sorts of conversations interesting. Allowing for some personal bias on the part of the teller, you do get a more rooted feel for the real lives endured/enjoyed by the locals.

... some locals watch more tourists go by (
… some locals watch more tourists go by (…photo:Mrs.Monkey)

We had been dwarfed by the towering walls of the fort the night before as we wandered the old town. Now, as we approached in the blazing sun, it’s spectacular position, daring the sun to burn it’s stone, promised something special.

... the imposing Mehrangarh Fort ...
… the imposing Mehrangarh Fort …

And Mehrangarh is special. Possibly the most stunning fort in India and must certainly rank in any list of the World’s great historical fortresses.

Four hundred feet above the city, views from the ramparts made surprise attack impossible. Impenetrable, much of it has stood the tests of the centuries, and is indeed a trip back in time. You can find the full story here … Suffice to say that Mehrangarh left a huge impression on us and sparks the notion of another List. 10 Best Buildings I have Visited List …. more to come.



... the view across the plain to the Maharajah's Palace ...
… the view across the plain to the Maharajah’s Palace …
... The Blue City below ...
… The Blue City below …



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