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Uninspired ? Moi ?

Well, one week goes by and another week goes by without a blog post. And so I wonder what on earth can I find to be interesting about . I’ve been blasting/boring my friends on my Facebook page about the iniquity of UKIP, mouthing off about the Euro- elections, organising the Lit Fest, and working on my art with a week away with friends in Spain. I’m still test-driving multi-focal contact lenses (I type this in a BIG PRINT font) which means if I see a figure 30 yards away I don’t know whether they are friend or foe. (But I keep my Light Sabre holstered.) I feel as though I am taking a breather after what has been a very active first 5 months of the year. But I don’t want to sit on my jacksie too long, do I?


(cartoon:Duane Brumitt)

So what do people do to lift themselves out of a slump? Several good nights sleep might work. An afternoon reading a favourite book with a glass of wine or two (would lead to more sleep) might work.

But then there’s the guilt. Don’t waste your time, Man !! And then there’s the “Stop for a while and smell the roses” school of thought. Argh… which, which, which ?

Breath slowly. Take your time. That battery monitor on the bottom right may be running low. Excuse me while I plug my ass into a socket and smell a rose.






6 thoughts on “Uninspired ? Moi ?”

  1. Can’t believe how much I am sleeping. And I sleep a lot anyways.

    UKIP is interesting, I think. Whether or not they are a slightly more acceptable face of the BNP isn’t the point, people in the UK feel fed-up.

    Multi focal contact lenses? I gave up mine when I was told I would need glasses if I wanted to read close up. Scrapped the lenses, got glasses, take them off for reading. Much easier.

    Loads to write about there. Let alone litfest and Spain.

    1. Actually, you are right, K, there is loads to write about. I think I’m trying to find an excuse for being lazy. I’m trying out these lenses so that I don’t have to wear glasses on my bike or down at the gym. I think they’ll be okay for that…. but I’ve embarrassed myself by failing to acknowledge friends enough already. 🙂

  2. Just don’t plug a rose into a socket and smell your ass. Hey Al….it’s nearly the summer, long languid days of erm, torrential rain and storms. I’ve also ditched the “vari” focal contact lenses and have bought a guide dog. Relax Al. No stress.

  3. I put my feet up and watched a movie today, after a rather busy week (by my very low standards)…..brilliant film by Sarah Polley called ‘Stories We Tell’. You must watch it!

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