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True North …. the spirits move me back and forth …

(The idea for this post was placed delicately into my brain by the task mistress.)

Over the years my muso son has kept me apace with the new ‘n’ happnin’ trends in the popular music of the day. Some years ago he gave me a De Phazz album as a Christmas gift and admitted that he was “going out on a limb” with this one.

Well, betimes, limb or not, I loved it instantly. The funk – the arrangements – the playing – the jazz – the humour…bags of it.

You can find out about De Phazz easily enough yerselves but since the Task Mistress mentioned True North ( a book by that name) darn it if this didn’t pop in to my head and won’t go away.


6 thoughts on “True North …. the spirits move me back and forth …”

      1. Erik and I think music genre labels are pretty much useless, anyway. There’s some electronica I don’t like and some I love, and the same for dance and basically everything else. Although speaking of genres, I recently found this and loved the crazy names. I know people are actually talking about these things now, but it’s hard for me to take them seriously.

      2. Haha, thanks for that. I learned something. Is there really something called Math Metal ? Is it Equations + Grunge = Math Metal ? 🙂
        It reminded me of this …

      3. Apparently there is some kind of math genre. I think it has to do with the rhythm. Aha. I just Wiki-ed it and it seems there are multiple math genres. 😉

        That’s a fun song!

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