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Waterworld and getting into the movies

I’ve never been a Home Movie Man. I always had a much stronger instinct for still photography and thought of the Camcorder as a bit nerdy. I know that’s a bit harsh but it is in the past tense. The quality of camcorders these days is so high that creative people use them all the time. Then one day I had an idea that would require me to use a camcorder …. which would require me to buy one … learn how to use it properly … learn about the editing software, and so on.

So, below, is my first venture into the movies. Mastering the basics whilst trying to do something.

If you live in the UK you’ll be aware of the endless rain and you won’t need me to tell you about it. If you don’t live in the UK then believe me, it’s WET right now. Even politicians can be seen in wellies, stroking chins and harrumphing.

Anyway, here you go. Let me know what you think. And if you are movie-maker yourself, tips are always gratefully appreciated.



12 thoughts on “Waterworld and getting into the movies”

  1. The light is interesting. I’m not too good on them, but my friend Vicky (get her blog from comments on roughseas) is pretty good at it.

    What software do you use? I use iMovie which is obviously an Apple thing. Sometimes photos and vids together can be good. Here’s one I made earlier (fine Blue Peter style there):
    Scroll down the post to find the vid.

    I’ve got a short attention span for vids, so tend to keep them short.

    Here is a short one that is just piccies;

    Sorry, they are both dog ones as that is what I tend to do, although I’ve got some marching bands in Gib on roughseas somewhere. They are just straight vids, rather than a mix with music. Can’t find them for now.

    Have a browse around other blogs for vids if you haven’t already done so. Work out what looks good on theirs and then fiddle with yours. I find there isn’t as much need to pan the camera as you think, I know I moved it wildly around the first few times.

    1. Thanks, K. Your dog ones are fun. Isn’t Snowy cute ?!
      I also intend to keep them as short as possible. I cut this one down to fit the music, though. And thanks for the panning tip – I think you are right.

  2. It all looks very lovely, though of course I have no idea what it looked like before (and I’m warm and dry!). I used to feel the same way about video, though — as you’ve noticed on my blog — I’ve gotten more into it lately. I often think that if I had a lot more time I’d love to properly experiment with film or even animation.

    1. Ah, tiime. The ultimate shortage. I agree that I’d like to get creative with video but time will tell. I consciously did try to make the video different to the endless misery footage on tv though I have sympathy for those poor souls who are still, after two months, under water at home.

  3. I’m so very pleased that the rain has stopped, even though seeing the Arun flood planes full was a spectacular sight. It made leaving the country tricky a couple of times, not that the weather was any better where I escaped to!
    I loved your film, great choice of music too. I look forward to seeing more…
    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you, Ishaiya. I’m glad it has stopped too. Glad you liked the film. It did feel a little odd trying to depict the floods as something beautiful when there was misery all across the news, but in the end, the force of nature does make us stop and wonder.

      1. I can understand your sentiments, but I find as a photographer and artist that recognising the beauty, or the art in everything is a way of acknowledging and indeed honouring that which you either capture through the lens of a camera or on canvas, or whatever happens to be your medium of expression. Through that others are allowed to experience something new and inspirational. That’s my view anyway.

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